Flame (Deepa)

This poem explains my wife's name in my view.


1. Flame (Deepa)


The Flame


O thou! String of sparkling stars.

Close to heart still quite far.

The witness of worshiping innocent hands,

Whose delicate smile with love befriends.


Belief is your friend, whom gyre you live.

You Hermits’ formless God’s adjective.

Messenger of hope in hellish dark night,

Like glittering numberless suns reside.


Thou awaken the Gods, worships the world.

Inferno’s natives on fire they curled.

The glimpses of yours are life in death,

A moth who dies but love begets.


With agonizing heart seclusion hails

Adieu! my senses, thy innocence prevails

O! thou glittering ‘Flame’, body  of my soul

Reminiscence my friend, the sole console. 


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