The Chosen

What would you do if your whole life was turned upside down? Just ask Sabrina. One day she was completely normal the next thing she new her whole life was a lie. People who are not who they think they are. Most importantly she no longer knows who she is.


1. A Small Surprise

   I stare at the clock, rubbing my tired eyes. It read 12:28 PM. Today at one o’clock I will be sixteen.

   Halloween is my favorite holiday-not just because it's my birthday. I love how it feels mystical and magical, like anything is possible. I know I’m weird, but that just adds to my uniqueness.

   Only one minute has passed and I’m starting to get annoyed. I move over to my window sill to see what’s going on outside, I mean it cant be any more boring than this.

   The moon lights up the grass, making it look like newly washed glass. The yard is deserted and quiet. Before the clock struck one I knew something was going to change, but I didn’t know what. I walk back over to my bed and slide beneath my silky red comforter and stare at my dream catcher overhead, starting to think of what the day is going to bring.  

   I wake up in the morning, welcomed by the black abyss of my room which is followed by the annoying sound of my alarm clock. It blinks six o’clock. Well, that’s a pleasant birthday wake up call, I think to myself.

   I turn on my light and head over to the window. There's a holly berry red package on my window sill. I open my window and the cold October wind blows in my face, freezing me from head to toe.  

   I cradle the package in my hand, it was soft like velvet in my cold hands. Then there was a big bang coming down from the kitchen. Did someone break into the house? I wonder. I put the package down on my bed and quietly head downstairs.

   My bare feet touch the cold wood floor, quietly. I head down the stairs, praying that I don’t make a noise. My prayer was answered when I made it down without a sound. My hand reaches for the switch but the light goes on before I can even try.  

   I stare in horror and fright as my family and friend stare back at me, amused. I try to hide the tears in my eyes and the scared look on my face as I smile.

   They all crowd around me singing Happy Birthday and hugging me. My best friend, Eve comes and gives me a big bear hug, so hard I think she might crack a few ribs.  

   “Eve, you're crushing me and might be breaking a few of my ribs!” I say in pain, but it’s a good pain. At least someone cares enough to be here.  

   “Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to squeeze you that hard. Or did I?” 

   I laugh, "Very funny, Evey.” She hates it when I call her that. We all sat down to eat when I realized I wasn’t dressed. I was in a black tank top and my flannel pajama bottoms.

   “Don’t ya want to get dressed?” Eve asks in a cocky tone. “I mean, unless you plan on going to school like that. The casual frumpy look.” She spent the next minute analyzing me. “You could pull that off...or maybe I’m lying to you?”

   “You're mean!” I yell as I dash up the stairs to get ready. School starts in one hour.  

   I rummage through my closet to find an outfit that’s cute, but not too girly. I’m the kind of person that likes to wear nice things then play football in them.

   I run to the bathroom to put on my makeup. I search for my black mascara and eyeliner, then for my brush and last but not least, my red lip gloss.

   I put on everything, followed by my jasper and quartz ring before walking over to the full length mirror. My sandy blond hair falls to my waist, with a tint of red in it. My jade green eyes stand out in the pale contrast of my face. I’m wearing a black long sleeve top and a red mini skirt.

   I grab my favorite flat black boots that just make this outfit go from fun to interesting. My lips are full and red. I always figured that when you turned 16 something would change. I guess i"ll have to find out, soon. 

   I walk down the stairs and go to the closet to retrieve my backpack. “I’m leaving. Coming, Eve?” I yell as I walk out the door, ready to see what how day unfolds. 

   The whole morning went by as a blur, just constant babble and silence. The lunch bell finally rang as I made my way to the noisy cafeteria. I wait in the long, slow moving line for what seemed like forever before I made it to the cash register.

   I then walk over to Eve and Aaron, who have been very distant and observant lately and it's kinda creepy. I sit down on the cold bench and they don’t even do as much as blink when take a seat.

   Irritated, I say, “Well thanks for the pleasant greeting guys."  I pick up my tray, ready to leave. 

   “Wait-don’t leave. We were just deep in thought, that’s all. Okay?” Eve insists quickly, but I know she means it.

   I sit back down and stare at my tray until Aaron says hi, and he doesn’t do so until Eve elbows him. “Hey,” he shouts, “What was that for? Oh, hi Sabrina.”  

   “Okay then, I think you need to lay off the drugs there, my friend.” I say jokingly.  

   “Ha ha ha.” Aaron fake laughs, “Very funny. I’ll let you get away with that this once since it's your birthday.” 

   “Oh you couldn’t hurt a fly.” Eve presses, meaning to get Aaron going.  

   “Do you really want to test that theory?” He asks, trying to act all tough and macho. 

   “Maybe I do! I think I could take you and your ego.” Eve hides a smile behind her poker face. 

   “Bring it on, Evey! Bring it on.” 

   “Guys, don’t fight or I will kill the both of you.” I know I really wouldn’t, but I know they knew that. That’s when Damon came over and taps my shoulder.   

   “Uh, hi...Happy Birthday.” He says, making it awkward for both of us.

   “Um, thanks.” I reply, with a half smile.

   “Well, bye. See you at your party tonight-oh and thanks for the invite.” He says, walking away quickly before I'm able to say anything else.  

   “Uh, what invite? Eve, Aaron what did you guys do?” I say, barley above a whisper.  

   “We had to okay? He was there when we were handing out invites.” Aaron says, rolling his eyes.

   “Er, okay..that’s fine. I’m going to go to the library.” I explain as they attempt to apologize. “Its okay, really. I just need a break.” I get up, ready to make my way to the library.    

   I don’t know what they were thinking, inviting him. Did I do the wrong thing by not yelling at them? Worried thoughts go through my mind as I settle down on the floor behind one of the columns. The air smells like old books and perfume, a horrible combination.  

   “Yeah, I’m sure Sabrina’s the one.” I hear someone say from behind one of the columns. My breath stiffens. The one for what? “Okay, then we need to act fast before she finds out-before the protectors get to her.” They continued.

   Before I find out what? My mind races with a billion questions, but I know I need to get out of here-fast.  

   I get up quickly and smoothly, not wanting to draw attention to myself. As I head out, I feel like I'm being watched. I'm not safe.

   My instinct is to run-run fast and far away but before I could a hand went over my mouth and I'm being dragged away.  

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