Emo love story- Smile

Titel says it all


2. Start of something ugly

Here's the picture of my class's groups: 

Popular group:

Emma, my mortal enemy, blond hair, green eyes looks like she's from china. 

Line, Emma's best friend, blond hair blue eyes, don't know her well. 

Sandra, big mouth (figure of speach) brown hair, non relieable.

Matilde, annnoying like hell, perfect, prissy/sissy. 

Frede, Guy, blond hair green eyes, super hot.

Semih, Guy, Frede's best friend, black hair, grey eyes.


Middle people:

Sille, quiet sissy, Brown hair, afraid of everything.

Mimi, Quiet, brave, party animal, light brown hair,blue eyes.

Caro, hard to figure out, loud, braggy, red hair brown eyes.

Bobby, annoying, suck up, brown hair grey eyes.

Anders, pervert, small bug, blond hair, green eyes.

Lucas, seems gay, annoying from time to time, brown hair, brown eyes.

Anne, annoying, snob, dumb blond, green eyes.

Daniel, tall, don't know him well, blond hair, blue eyes.

Emma Lousie, hogs anyone who wants to talk to her, brown hair, brown eyes.

Johanna, party freak obsessed with teenage life, brown hair brown eye ( the other one is blind so)



Me, Emo girl, Black hair, brown eyes, nobody likes me because of my style, those who do are because of my stuff. But i have lived fine being the only one to walk alone in break. Until i started to fall in love...

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