I'm being followed. She finds me. Talks to me. Threatens me. She wants me to do something for her. Something big. Something important. Something horribly wrong. She's everywhere - in my dreams, in the streets...she finds me no matter where I go. If I don't do as she says, she will do something bad to me. Very bad. Unimaginable. There's no place safe. Where do I hide? What do I do?


7. Chapter 6

Irastiyoth glowed with pride, sitting on her throne, scanning the throne room that was now fuller than it used to be, smiling contently at the two hundred servants standing before her that she had brought down from hell.

She was happy. Extremely happy. She had finally got what she had craved most. The girl, she smiled. She had to surrender. She had no choice.

"I have good news," she announced and all her minions listened up. "The girl is now in our control."

The army of demons celebrated. There was laughing, cheering and applause and Irastiyoth joined in the jubilation. "Now that we have her, we can proceed to the others as soon as we can." More applause. 

"Aeistha," she said and the woman stepped ahead and bowed. "You know what to do."

"Yes, my lady. I will not disappoint you again."

"You would better not," she snarled. "And the rest of you, you know who your victims are. None of them should be hard to take over. Kill a few relatives if you have to. They always give in when you do that. That is their biggest weakness - love. Threaten to hurt their loved ones and they will surrender in no time. I want this army ready by tomorrow. Now leave."

Nobody needed to be told twice. The army of demons dispersed, scurrying off in different direction like mice. Once they had deserted her, Irastiyoth sat back and rejoiced these moments of success. 

You will see, Araible. You will see soon enough. You will know I had always been right. Your God's most precious creations - these humans - will destroy themselves.           

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