I'm being followed. She finds me. Talks to me. Threatens me. She wants me to do something for her. Something big. Something important. Something horribly wrong. She's everywhere - in my dreams, in the streets...she finds me no matter where I go. If I don't do as she says, she will do something bad to me. Very bad. Unimaginable. There's no place safe. Where do I hide? What do I do?


5. Chapter 4


Darkness is all that I want. It is what I crave, need, posses. I live for darkness, and darkness lives for me.

She sat on her towering throne, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. Deep in thought, eyes glazed over and lips pressed together into a perfect line. Despite her menacing expression, Irastiyoth was as beautiful as ever. A dark curtain of long black hair hung down, covering half of her immaculate skin. It slid down her chest like a snake, twisting and turning, whilst framing her perfect body. She collected her thoughts together and repeated them to herself.

The girl. She is going to suffer. I will use her for revenge. Revenge on Araible.

We will twist her soul until it is no longer hers, use her mind until it is dead, and make her do the impossible. She will be our little toy, we can hurt and use her, and as long as she abides the rules, she will feel nothing. Nothing at all.

Irastiyoth rose, her cloak draped around her shoulders lazily, trailing behind her like a tail. Slowly, she lifted the hood over her head, causing shadows to linger under her prominent cheekbones, and strode towards the stone wall. There, she pressed the palm of her hand against the cold, stony surface and whispered inaudible words. The wall slid open to reveal a long desolate tunnel that sloped downwards. Irastiyoth carried on without hesitation, striding down the dark tunnel, the tunnel to hell.

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