Tears in my Handbag

Maybe his eyes were lost in mine just like me in his? I questioned myself. He could never be. He only came here anyway to tell us once or twice every second month something that we already knew. I couldn't simply fall for him, but in another way, I did. But I knew it was wrong. He is first and foremost my boss. "What'a heartbreaker" I said too loudly. I was looking out on the streets and I saw him buy coffee from Starbucks. He's so sweet, I said to myself again and.. "Who's a heartbreaker and who is sweet?" Nataly asked me confused. "No one!". My answer was so fast, so she must've thought I was crazy.. Was I?


1. Chapter the first - Prologue.

"Tears in my handbag" is a story about Michéllé Essez, who unhappily falls in love with her department chef. One of her friends from work is her nearest friend and she support her 'till the very end - okay, she tries. Michéllé trying so hard to reach him and then, she live like a dream come true. But suddenly, her new fiancée, Nate Cliff, her department chef has a secret he won't tell anyone except his best friend, Sebastian Parker, who won't tolerate his 'lack of love' for Michéllé Essez.


"Tears in my Handbag" is based on real life stories, which is unfortunately been very normal the past twenty years. 

I hope you enjoy my 'new' story about Michéllé Essez and her ridiculous relations to men in her life.


Thanks to you for reading this story and for this to actaully come true, Michéllé Essez for hunting me every night until I wrote down her story. <3

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