Lost feelings

Just after Blaise finds her true love, derrek, he dies i a traggic accident but Blaise keeps dreaming abut him and how his accident wasnt such a accident......


1. brick by boring brick.

Soulmate! One word that really gets me thinking. Is their really one person for everyone? ar you really created for that one person? soeone who really understands you, someone who you cant get out of your mind? that one person who makes you smile everytime they walk into the room? if so, why am i so alone? where is he ? that one special person who really understands me?


Blaise stopped writing and looked at the  last line  she had written. She sounded like one of those mopey woman on romantic films she laughs at. If only Gwen understoon her, everthing would be much easer, at that though Blaise shut he diary and threw it across her room. Sometimes she got herself mad. She needed sleep, she could do all the thinkng tommorow, yey another boring day comes to a boring end, woop brick by boring brick, with that though Blaise drifted into a long sleep.

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