Moody Swings: The Troublesome Being's Personal Letters to Nobody

This is my Diary. correction, journal. im not a prissy little thirteen year old school girl with mixed emotions about a guy that doesnt know me. correction again, i do indeed have mixed emotions. but im just a weirdo with an obsession with normalicy. who said that was a bad thing? But i dont just write little immture notes in this book. i write hard facts that come out of my head.


2. Thu 04/26/2012 5:19 PM

Sometimes fairy tales do come true. About .37% out of millions. This is because of one simple phrase; "I give up", otherwise those who dont EVER quit and dream abnormally big are those .37%. Me? I am not part of those .37%, i am on the edge. I dream big, thats for sure but "No" is big in my vocabulary.
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