This is my entry for the picture competition!!! Please add to favourites if you think this is good



Everywhere I go, ghosts follow me.

They seek me out of crowds, they discover me  in my house, and their whispers tickle against my ear while I sleep.

I do not know who they are and I feel as if I am cursed.

They chase me. All they want to do is haunt me.

What have I done.

Of course, there was...

No, it couldn't be. Can it?

Them, after all this time?

Dread fills me.

I need to lie down.

But this makes no sense.

It's like a jigsaw thinking about it. I have the knowledge to work it out, but the pieces are sharp, not letting me put them into place.

"Lily..." What is this?


The sudden voice makes me jump, making me scared. Three men apparate before my eyes, making me completely scared.

"Remember what you did, Lily..."

Yes, I remember. I remember it very well.

"And now we shall have our revenge..."

My head falls onto my hand, then onto my arm, my hand dangling over my head. My eyes are half shut.

"Fall asleep, Lily..."

I remember everything that happened that night. The screams of terrified men, the glint of the knife in my hand, the scarlet of blood...

Please don't tell anyone.


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