scary story not stuble for young kids


3. the hunted house

they arrived at a old house with light on they knocked at the door and it flew open with a bang.Just before they went it the house next to it front door flange open and an old lady came out  she said to them"don't go in there its hunted by the ghost of the little girl who was stabbed at the park" and they said that the ghost of the park is nice."but she is not as nice when the sun rises"said the old lady."oh well we will be fine good night"and the old lady walked back in to her house. The 3 girls looked at each other then sain said "weres zak?" elizabeth said "he was here when we were at the park" sain"oh well hell catch up." they walked in to the house.it was dark and gloomy and the stiars crecked as they walked up.they reached the top of the stairs wich came to a long landing witch lead to a bunch of rooms.they opend the door directly in front of them to see what was in there.the room was dark and they scrambled arount to find the light switch.onece they found it they terend the the light on it didnt mack much of a diffrencts though it berly made any light what so ever they made out a figer sat on the couch it said in a very quiet voice"i thought u had left i worned u all"they run to the next room. 

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