written on 8/3/12


1. lines from a diary

dear sony,

Just meeting you after a long days.tonight let me off every thing.that i have to off from the heart.first what to start?let's start with the carrier....as i had said to you that my board exam has started.you know two exams finished...as some one has said it was my exams...but don't know what will be the outcome.you know that day my girl told me that i can score 70 out of 70 but how can i say to her...at last everything comes into her only...you know unexpected things do occur sometimes and that has occured.i always hated happy ending in stories.hated turning points that made great changes in someones life.you know you can't study a girl's psychology.as i have said before that once my best friend sunita once told me that he has no feelings about my another best friend abinash but any thing can happen in love and that has happened..what thing goes in a person's mind that can't be unveiled.pray to god that let their love life become success.as the days are approaching so many things are trying to captivate me..on type of unhealing pain trying to seize me.just missing my girl.just nothing can be done for this.just enjoy as you are here.today some one asked me to stay up to 25.but for me it is next to impossible.i cant bear the pain that i will feel if one more day i will stay here..today in some one's slam she has written waiting for you in front of my window to see you. i am not finding any more words to for writing more lines...plot6ting a story for my book that's just my ambition..talk to you tomorrow with some more fucking stories..

good night.

sweet dreams......

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