Quite scary and slightly gory


1. It begins

One second I'm in my classroom,listening to my teacher drone on and on about maths; the next, I'm sitting in complete and utter darkness. I don't just mean the electricity, I mean that the sun has been blotted out of the visible sky. A shrill scream comes from the girl opposite me. I don't have to see them to know that it's Emily. Then another scream and another and another. Panic breaks out like a contagious epidemic, smothering one person after another in it's terrifying veil. After less than a minute everybody in the class except me and the teacher.

"Mrs Cawley?" I half yell. Curiously there is no reply. I stumble over to the place where the teacher was. There's not a soul but me in front of the board.

"Quiet!" I shout, surprising even myself at the commanding strength used in my voice.

A hush falls over the class. There is no noise from the other classes.

"Alright hands up who's willing to come with me, no I mean say your name,"

Sam, Evan, James and Oliver all put themselves forwards.







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