Accepting My New Life

This is my first fanfic, I like writing, but only do it when I feel like it so if chapters aren't coming up quick, my apologies :')


1. Welcoming my new life.

Stepping off the train after a long journey from Edinburgh, I breathed London air! Things hadn't been going well with dad's girlfriend in Scotland, I HATED her! Even thinking of her made me cringe. I've been sent to live with my godmother and her husband now.

I hopped in a taxi and showed the taxi driver where to head, it took about half an hour to get there though it soon flew by as I was too busy looking out the window. WE HAD ARRIVED! I handed the driver the money and got out, the driver helped me with my luggage up to the door.

I was looking forward to living in London, especially when i found out where I was living and who i was living with. I rang the doorbell and a cute couple answered the door, they both looked me up and down before the woman opened her mouth

"ahh, hello! you must be Chloe?"

 I nodded shyly,"

I'm Anne and this is my husband Robin, come in."

I picked up my turquoise suitcase and walked inside, the house was amazing!

" take your shoes off on the mat, and put them on the shoe rack we don't want mud on the floor do we now?" Robin said grinning,I just laughed and did what i was told.

I noticed a pair of white converse "  whose shoes are they?" i said curiously

"Oh they are Harry's, hes our son, he's round his friends house at the moment, you'll see him after, are you hungry?"Robin asked shouting through the hallway

"No thanks, I'm just going to go to my room and unpack but thanks anyway" I replied.

There was a sign on the second door to the left, it read Chloe, so i walked inside.

I was over the moon; the walls weren't pink!,they were a very nice turquoise. It was so different to my bedroom at dad's, there was white mirrored sliding wardrobes and a white flat screen tv on the wall, it was much bigger and had a double bed rather than a single, I loved it! It took be quite a while to unpack,about two and a half hours but finally it was done, now I felt at home. I heard another voice downstairs and listened for a while...


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