Accepting My New Life

This is my first fanfic, I like writing, but only do it when I feel like it so if chapters aren't coming up quick, my apologies :')


7. Mosh Pit

As we were walking through the crowd of screaming girls heads turned and whispers started. Harry said we would be allowed to go through the main entrance with our VIP Tickets because the band had only started off in their career so no people would recognised his family, He thought wrong as one of the girls shouted'

" That's Harry's Parents!" All of a sudden everyone started charging over to us and I was just stood in shock getting violently pushed as they didn't know who I was, I wasn't exactly Harry's Family...I saw security men running towards us then out again 

Fights started to break out and I was in the centre of it all, suddenly Someone grabbed me and pulled me from the group, As they did I tried to fight back and screamed thinking I was being attacked by one of their crazy fans. Turned out to be security

"Security had to immediately go for Harry's parents they where the ones who the fans were after"

"Oh .right" I said catching my breath

Well what a way to start the night, because of the commotion outside they had took us through to backstage to get ourself seen to for any injuries. We had beverages until we were told to go to our reserved seats  in the Arena. 

We waited and watched as all the crowd started to fill up all the spaces and we couldn't even see a spare space It wasn't silent any more either, after an hour of games on my phone the lights went out and music started. I started to get extremely excited!

"o0o0o0o there's Harry!" I screamed

Then 4 other boys came on, they were all burning my eyes. I hadn't seen them properly before...

Their first song- What makes you beautiful 2cnd-Moments 3rd-One Thing 4th-Na na na After two hours of screaming,shouting,dancing, and arm waving It was the last song and everyone was silent just cherishing their voices for the last minutes.


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