Accepting My New Life

This is my first fanfic, I like writing, but only do it when I feel like it so if chapters aren't coming up quick, my apologies :')


4. I am not competitive



I leaped into the air, and made and 'L' shape with my fingers and pointed it towards Harry. He just laughed and said "whatever I'll get you back.This kind-of annoyed me I wanted a bigger reaction than that! I just got a strike for heavens sake, not many people can do that their first go and just to say I am a girl..

Anne got a few down, but not many, then Robin got a Strike, I was dreading Harry's go in case he got a strike as well. I should tell the future, that's exactly what happened. I didn't acknowledge it and looked down at my phone.

"Did you see that eh?, ey ey? did you?!" Harry said sarcasticly

"See what?" I said acting oblivious to it all

"I just got a strike! Told you I would get you back, who's the Loser now?!" Harry said

"You, I didn't see it" I said

"How  does that count?!" Harry said with his mouth wide open

 I threw my ball, strike once again! 

"Get more strikes than me and then your not a loser" I said confidently

Strike,Strike,Strike,Strike,Strike,Strike. 7-7

"'I'll make you a bet, if I win your giving me your pocket money for the rest of the month" I said

"Ok, But if I win, You have to say yes to whatever I say ok?" Harry said

"GAME ON!" We both shouted

Anne and Robin were just sat laughing, but we were serious. DEAD serious.


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