Accepting My New Life

This is my first fanfic, I like writing, but only do it when I feel like it so if chapters aren't coming up quick, my apologies :')


3. Expect the unexpected

"Just say it!" I shouted


I knew exactly what he said

"What?" I said

"I Could see underneath you Shirt because it was hanging considerably low"

"Oh..well this isnt awkward"

"See my point!, Its fine anyway it was nice haha!"

I gave him a sarcastic look and shut the door, i was soo embarrassed. I wondered how we were going to talk to each other, without it being soo awkward! I sat down on the carpet and lent forward into the mirrors, at that point I knew exactly what he'd seen. 

There was a knock on the bedroom door, I quickly stood up and acted as if I was doing something.                                "Come in"

It was Anne, she came in and told me we were going to the bowling at 6. I was really excited to show off how good I was, not being big-headed or anything just, I was totally going to win. Come on! I was the champ back in Edinburgh. I won a trophy when I was 12 even though that was 4 years ago, I probably still have my skills. I looked at my phone to see the time, I had an hour to spare,I got out my laptop and logged into Facebook.

My best friend from back home, had written a whole 3 paragraphs on my wall, I read and read and read until I came to a full stop. I was nearly in tears and I felt really homesick, I missed her so much it was unbelievable, I wrote a reply about another 3 paragraphs long and then played on Farmville, I was addicted to it, I had all my crops to harvest and my animals, before long Robin was shouting up the stairs saying its time to go!

In the car me and Harry kept on having awkward eye contact. Everywhere I looked I found myself staring back at him, I just kept my head down the rest of the way their just staring, and pretending to be on my phone. I laughed to myself quite a few times I must have looked so weird. Just sat their laughing at a blank phone.... Anyway we had arrived at "Hollywood Bowl" .

The lights blinded me as I walked through the door, it wasn't anything like the bowling at home! Music was playing loudly there was  animated video's to imitate your throws. So high-teched I was worried whether I was still going to win... Harry went first, then me, then Anne and then finally Robin. Harry threw the ball and it swerved into the gutter, I couldn't help my self, I burst out laughing I had to turn away so Harry didn't notice. It was then my turn so I grabbed the ball as professionally as I could and took a deep breath and lifted it,swung, let go and it swerved but kept on rolling and rolling and then...

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