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Life isn't going well for Florence, she was abandoned and ran away from home when she was just 12 years old. She lived in Brighton with her grandparents. Florence found it hard to get on with people so she mostly kept herself to herself until one day when she met a certain somebody called Conor Maynard...


1. News like you wouldn't beleive

"Florence my dear, could you fetch me my slippers for me dear?"

"Urgh!" Florence replied as she marched towards the slipper box to fetch out her Grandma's knitted slippers. "Here you are" she drowsily said as she passed the slippers to her Grandma. 

"Thank you dear" exaggerated her grandma. "Now remember Florence, you are to be back by 5pm sharpish and -"

"Yes. yes. yes, how many times do you have to tell me. Bye!" Florence moaned as she walked out the door.

"Bye my dear" shouted Florence's grandma.

Florence was a 17 year old teenage, she used to live in California but moved to Brighton to live with her Grandma when she was just 12 years old after an unfortunate sequence of event with her mother and father. She had not had the best of childhoods but that didn't stop Florence doing what she loved which was singing and looking after animals. She would never let anything stop her.

Florence was attending her first day at the animal rescue care center, she'd been waiting for this day all summer. Florence was walking on the beach and gazing at the waves brushing past the sand. "Florence" a voice called from behind her. Florence turned around to see Conor. He ran closer to her. "Hey, how are you?" Conor happily asked. "I'm not too bad thanks, pretty excited for my first day at the animal rescue center." replied Florence. "Well I actually came here to  give you this" Conor revealed a box wrapped in silver wrapping paper. "It's just a good luck present from me." Conor handed Florence the box and she carefully unveiled what was inside. "Oh Conor, it's beautiful! You shouldn't have" Florence said as she lifted out a silver heart shaped necklace. "Well, it's nothing" said Conor smiling. "Thank you again" repeated Florence as she kissed Conor on the cheek. 

Conor is Florence's everything. She'd known him ever since she moved to Brighton when she was 12. They did everything together and they just recently got together in the summer as a couple. 

"Well, I suppose I better dash to the center now." said Florence. "I'll walk with you" replied Conor. "Ok, but I've got to be quick, don't want to be late on my first day," she giggled to herself. 

Conor and Florence walked side by side holding hands across the beach and up to the animal rescue center. 

"So here it is, are you nervous" asked Conor as they walked into the building. "A little" timidly replied Florence. "Put this on and I guarantee everything will be fine" said Conor as he put the necklace on Florence. "I don't deserve you" Florence said as she turned around to smile at Conor. "Haha" Conor laughed to himself. "Bye, I'll meet you here at 4" said Florence as she walked away. "Ok, see you later" Conor said as he waved goodbye. 

Conor was a trained electrician who also enjoyed singing, Florence and Conor would often sing together, in bars and busking. They also put videos on YouTube of them both singing together. They had become very popular on the internet over the pass few months. 

When it turned 4'O clock Conor was stood outside the rescue center waiting for Florence to come out. "Conor" a voice called. "Hey" Conor smiled as he looked up to see Florence coming down an escalator. "How was your day" Conor said. "It was absolutely amazing, I loved it!" "Wow, I knew you would!" said Conor. "And how was yours?" replied Florence. "Well, you won't believe this! I got a call from this recording company called 'Parlophone' they've seen our videos on YouTube and want to fly us over to LA to check us out for real" excitedly said Conor as he beamed a smile like you wouldn't believe. "Conor, this must be the most unrealistic joke you've ever told me" Florence said as she walked away. "Ha, Flo I swear to you, I'm not joking one bit" Conor said as he chased after Florence. "Hmmm ok, prove it" said Florence as she looked him up and down. Conor whipped out his phone and then played a recorded message of 'Parlophone' in LA. "See, I'm not kidding" seriously said Conor. "Wow, I'm in shock" said Florence. "We've got to go, their sending the plane tickets as soon as possible" excitedly said Conor. "WOOHOOO!" replied Florence. TO BE CONTINUED... WILL CONOR MAYNARD AND FLORENCE LOHAN STAY IN BRIGHTON OR MOVE TO LAS VEGAS TO RECEIVE A ONCE IN A LIFETIME RECORD DEAL??? 

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