Im the shadow behind you

Ashley is a normal teenager. Except one thing, if she knows enugh about you she will be in your dreams. Not any dreams, but your nightmares. So watch out, she is a shadow demon!

The story is about Ashley, she moves a lot and this time she meets a nother shadow demon. But he is sad, why? And what can she do to help him?
Read the is and you'll see whats happens with them, and how it feels to get 'visited' by them!

Dont get nightmeares, Love maddemuup!

This story is avalible on wattpad.


1. New in school... again!

Chapter 1

I hate this. I hate this! I hate this, I repeated the sentence over and over again in my mind as I stood in front of my new class.
I hate the attention you get when you are new. Actually I never like attention at all. The class in front of me weren't any different then all the others I have seen.
I have been moving around a lot, which means different schools. This is my third school this semester, I got in some troubles and had to move and things like that.

"Class, we have a new student here." the teacher said.

"I'm Mrs.Stevens and I'm your English teacher. Why don't you tell us about you?"

I gave mrs. Stevens a nervous glare before I spoke.

"Hi everyone. I'm Ashley Madison, and I just moved here a few days ago. And..."

I looked up from the floor and saw something beautiful. Or rather someone. He had beautiful dark brown eyes and black short hair.
Every little bone in his face were perfect, he looked like a god. The moment our eyes met I understood what this person was.

"I think I really gonna like this school." I ended my sentence in panic.

What am I going to to? He can't be what I think he is. I have to make sure that I'm wrong. I have to be wrong. When mrs. Stevens said that I could take a seat I saw a free spot just behind him.
Excellent now I have the whole lesson to make sure I'm wrong. It's not like I have to pay attention on the class. I already know everything, since this is the seventh time I go in high school.

When I was on my way to the seat I looked around on the people in the room. I noticed that everyone's eyes were on me.
Excellent, I totally love this attention! I thought with sarcasm. It was when I realized the teacher had started the lesson and I still had all eyes on me, it really started to bug me.
All the girls with envy looks on their faces and the boys with nothing but desire. Great, that was just what I needed! I know I'm tempting to humans, but I had never in my life seen them stare this much.
That's what I get for choosing wrong clothes before I'm sure of what sort of area this is. This is obviously one of the easiest places I have been passing through. It's easy to find a victim here..

The entire lesson I stared at the guy in front of me. I haven't seen one like me in so long that I almost forgot what we look like.
That's not because we are extinct, there are plenty of us. Almost as many as humans. But I have been avoided everything except humans. It's easier that way, of many reasons.

After the lesson I followed him through the hall. Then he went outside and in to the forest. After a while he stopped but didn't turn around, then he spoke to me for the first time.

"Why are you following me?" his voice was as perfect as himself. He have to be one of us, right?

"Are you what I think you are?" I asked instead of answering his question.

"That depends of what you think I am." he said it with a strange tone. Just like he challenge me in some way.

"Shadow demon" was all I said.

"Well... yes, I am." he answered "And I already know that you are one too. I understood that the moment you came through the doors. Didn't you see it on me? I mean did you really have to ask me?"

"I haven't..." I hesitated. How will he react? It's very common that we live in pair or groups.
The fact that I haven't even seen anyone of us for what seems like forever, is shocking to some people.

"You haven't what?" he said curious.

"I haven't meet one of us in fifteen years.." I looked away in shame when I said the last part.

"You what!?" he screamed in shock.

"I lost my family when I got 'new born'. You know they get old and dies, but I'm still the same age as before. And I don't get along with other people.."

"Then why are you following me? What do you want?"

"I.. I don't know really." I answered this time, a little unsure what to say.

"Then go, please." he said. I could here the sadness in his voice that suddenly came. I got a little to curious, I had to know what's wrong. Why he is so down.

"What made you so sad?" I asked compassionately.

When he didn't answer I continued "You know, I only want to help you. I don't want to harm you in any way."

When I said that I walked closer to him. When I was beside him he started to cry as he fell to the ground.

His face turned from a gods face to a little six year old boy who just fell of his bike and got a bruise.
He looked so cute and so sad, that I felt a need of comfort him. Make him happy. I sat down next to him and put my arm on his shoulders.

"Sssshh.. Ssshhh.. Everything will be alright." I whispered to him. " I promise you that."

"W-w-why..?" was all he could say through his tears.

We sat like that for a while. He mumbling and I said calming things.

"Do you want to tell me about it?" I asked when his sobs had stopped a little.

"M-my little s-s-sister.. They t-took h-her!" the tears started to fall down his cheeks again, but this time in silence.

"Who took her?" I asked.

When he didn't answered my question I lifted my hand to his chin and wiped the tears away from his face. I didn't realize what I was doing until he gave me a confused look.

"I..I.. I'm sorry." I said quick. What was i thinking? We don't even know each other!

"Don't be, it's okay." he answered and looked at me in the eyes. Oh my god, his lovely eyes! It feels a little weird, I mean we just met, but I can feel this connection.
It's like we always belonged to each other. It's crazy, I know! I feel stupid for even thinking this!

"It is okay. Don't care about it." he said when I didn't say anything.

"What's your name? You never told me that." I said, trying to change the subject, trying to forget what just happened.

"Well you never asked. My name is Nathan." he said, though his smile told me that he isn't that easy to fool.

"Okay, Nathan, we should go back now. It's my first day and I have already missed one lesson." I said with a week smile. "I bet they don't like that.."

"You'll be just fine!" he said.

We went back to the school and then went different ways to our next class. Mine was English.

At lunch I saw Nathan sitting with some other guys in the middle of the cafeteria. I saw a free spot beside him and walked over to him.

"Is this seat taken?" I asked as I looked at Nathan.

Everyone at the table looked up at me and stopped talking. Nathan was the first one to talk.

"No, you can sit there if you like." after that everyone just nodded or said "Yes sit there." The guy in front of me looked at me a long time before he said

"Hi, I'm Zach."

"Im Ashley." I said and smiled at him. In my head it was an very evil smile, he was my next victim. This is going to be really fun.
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