Im the shadow behind you

Ashley is a normal teenager. Except one thing, if she knows enugh about you she will be in your dreams. Not any dreams, but your nightmares. So watch out, she is a shadow demon!

The story is about Ashley, she moves a lot and this time she meets a nother shadow demon. But he is sad, why? And what can she do to help him?
Read the is and you'll see whats happens with them, and how it feels to get 'visited' by them!

Dont get nightmeares, Love maddemuup!

This story is avalible on wattpad.


2. Nathans past.


Zach turned out to be a really nice guy. We talked through lunch about everything. We really got along. Not strange though, since I am what I am. When it was time to go to next class Zach followed me to my locker and said to me:

"So what lesson do you have now?"

"Umm.. I think I'm having math." I answered. "But I'm not sure."

He grabbed the paper I had in my and and looked at it.

"Yeah, you are having math now. And we have same lesson the last hour." he said with a big smilie.

"Oh, I'll see you then, I guess." after finishing that sentence I turned around and walked away.


I ran out through the doors as fast as I could without anyone see how fast it really was. I had to find Nathan. Now. I have to talk to him.

Just as I walked out in the sunlight I saw him. He had just open the door on his car when I called for him. He looked up and then he whispered in my mind to follow him beside the road in the forest so none could see me.

And yes running fast is one of the things we can do. But it does not look as silly as it does when Edward runs in that Twilight movie. It does not look like I'm flying. We actually move our feet.

I did as he told me and it turns out that he soon pulled of the road and followed a small path. And when we came to a open space he stopped and walked out of the car.

I looked around and the view, just wow!

"This is beautiful" I said.

We are standing on a beach, the sand are whiter than snow. If that's possible. It wasn't big but it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The sea was magical, it almost looked like you could walk on it. In fact the hole place was magical, I got the feeling that it would disappear any minute.

"Why are you taking me here?" I asked him.

"You wanted to talk, and I was planning to go here anyways."

He walked closer to the water and sat down. I watched the view one more time before I slowly walked to him and sat beside him.

We sat there in silence for a while.

"This is the place were my sister disappear." Nathan said with clear sadness in his voice.

"Who took her, Nathan?"

"My.. umm.." he said and looked away. After a few minutes of more silence. "My father took her. I know it sounds like no big deal, but it is a really big deal. My mom died when my sister got born. And apparently he didn't thought that was enough for a 16 year old boy to handle so he just took of. Left me alone with her. A two days old baby. I didn't know a thing about babies. I mean which guy in my age do that?"

Oh my god, I can't believe what he have been through. It's unbelievable!

"So I got really scared and didn't know what to do. I almost left her for adoption, but I couldn't. She was the only thing left of my mom. I named her after our mother. Samantha."

He stopped talking and got this thoughtful look on his face. After a few more minutes he started to tell me about his past again.

"At first it was hard. But I went to the library and borrowed some books about babies and then it worked out somehow. It's a miracle though." he said and smiled at me. "My dad got remarried soon after he left us. She, Ana, is a real bitch. It's almost like a cinderella story, but twisted. She have this little child who is just being mean. It's a boy, and Ana always wanted a girl. But not too long ago she found out that she can't get more children. She convinced my dad to take my little sister. And neither my dad or Ana are nice people. Dad likes to abuse children. He abused me, but I got stronger and could defend myself."

"Wow, you have been through a lot! I'm sorry about that." I said in a whisper. "I know it might be a weird question, but why are you telling me this?"

He looked at me a long time, just as he was deciding if he should tell me the truth.

"I don't know if I was the only one too feel it, but I just felt this connection when we first met. I have never experienced something like that before."

He felt that to? I thought it was just me.



Please tell me what you think of this, and what I can do better. (:

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