enji's love poems

My collection of poems about love.


1. Poem 1


There is one little special thing in the world, this thing is called love and it's twisted and twirled. Love gives you feelings that can't be explained, it's when your heart can't by your brain be maintained.   The best part about it is to see you smile, it gives me hope and wonderfull feelings for a while. Describing you as beautiful is an understatement, despite that, I regret all love I've on you spent.   Once, it felt like everything went fine, I declared my love, I wrote it on a sign. Back then I loved, I dreamed and I wished, to be the one that your lips has kissed.   Now I screwed up, I did, I cry, this feeling makes me want to die. I did something wrong, I'm not sure how, it feels like all my chances are over now.   I will cry, I will fight and dream of your love, I will not fly away like a coawrdly dove. Stand here and fight for you, I will, train and improve my loving-skill.
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