Some Angels Are Hideous

Are you a beautiful person? A truly beautiful person?


1. A Monstrous Angel


Devil’s spawn. The shame of God. Monster. That’s what they called her. Little did they know that this  monster had a heart. No one saw her stay up at night, crying tears of bitter sorrow. No one heard her prayers. She was truly forsaken, doomed to be unhappy, friendless and unloved till the end of her days. Often she longed for death, but at other times she dreaded it. She knew she belonged in hell, after all, only the beautiful go to Heaven.

She sat in the shadows, gazing at the life before her, longing to be part of it. But what good was it? The other children would only scream in horror once they saw her face. 

A few passersby would notice the odd shapeless lump slumped against the wall, and would do a double take when they noticed what looked like a face in its depths. ‘What on earth is that !?’ They’d ask their friends.

Not a day passed by, without her wondering what it would be like to be beautiful. Would the children let her play with them?  Would people not comment on her, loudly and rudely? Would the world embrace her? She had read somewhere that you must never judge a book by its cover, but that was hard to do when you were looking at a severely disfigured cover.

How she longed to be beautiful, with- wait a minute is that smoke!? Several people were pointing at the tall cloud that rose in to the sky. Then without warning, a horrifying wail pierced the night sky, ‘Help! Please help me!’ In an instant everyone rushed towards the sound.

The house was being devoured by the fire. It was crumbling down like a house of flaming cards. ‘Please help me!’ begged the woman, ‘My baby is in there!’ Sure enough, from the depths of the blazing inferno came the frightened cries of a baby. ‘Someone call the fire brigade!’ Shouted someone. ‘They won’t make it in time.’ Said another. Upon hearing this, the mother threw herself on the pavement, and wept uncontrollably.

‘Someone has to go in there.’ said somebody. ‘Not me!’ Said a beautiful girl hurriedly. ‘That fire is going to leave some nasty scars.’ What about me? She thought. I am already hideous, so a few scars won’t make a difference. With that thought she ran in to the fire. No one even tried to stop her.

The heat was unbearable. Rivulets of sweat ran down her skin plastering her hair to her scalp, and painful blisters grew where the flames licked her skin. Is this what hell is like? All around her war ensued between the wood and flame. The fire, who had the upper hand mercilessly crushed the timber, in its grasp and then leapt upon their pray, like carnivorous savages. The hungry fingers reached for her too, but she dodged their deadly grasps.

She could hear the baby crying, louder than ever. The sound came from upstairs. Not wasting another second she scrambled up the crumbling staircase.  A door encased in flame separated her from the baby. When she kicked it open, it crumpled down like cardboard. In the room, a baby stood, trapped in its cot and weeping as if frightened to death. It actually looked relieved to see her and even held up its arms for her to carry it.


The firemen wrapped up the charred remains of the girl from the fire. The story of how the girl had ventured bravely into a blazing fire, had become sensational news, that had spread like a bush fire across the world. ‘Pity.’ Said one of them. ‘She must have been beautiful.’ And she was…

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