GAGA the life of a star

GAGA a legend , GIRL MJ ,lets be honest she wont ever be forgotten ? NAH . Enjoy my story a fan fiction about the woman herself Lady GAGA



Stefanie pushes her  way through the sea of paparazzi , head held down , pretending there's no one there . "steff , you okay asks the driver of the gold plated 4x4. " yes , im great ,answers gaga with her crockery voice . Opening the car door and squeezing herself into the car she fastens her seat belt . "lots of pap there i see ,says Derek ,the driver." "yes,gaga replies"its almost scary !" The car drives away leaving a  ghastly cloud behind .


They head to the studio wear LADY GAGA will be filming her music video for Hair . But as she is filming a windy scene , the star falls asleep and is taken back to her hotel ' palace hotel' . Soon after her little pause shes back up and running . *phone rings* "hello is this you rihanna ","yes can i have dinner with you tomorrow maybe at the corn dog heaven ", yes that will be fine , ill see you there then shall I " yes bye ". Stefanie is quite looking forward with her lunch with old pal rihanna .


As her alarm sets of GAGA gets up and brushes her face while looking in the mirror . Puts her make-up on and gets a deep purple jumpsuit with diamond shoulder pads , black Louis Vuitton heels . Sprays her beyonce heat perfume on and stares deepley into her mirror . "i was born this way"


Getting into her cab she place her sunglasses on and puts her lipstick on , and a air kiss . "corn dog heaven ?" Derek asks . "yes D  thats perfect " , " there you go , what time you want picking up?" " text ya " and she heads into a tsunami of people to see Rihanna waving in the window . " fewww !" sighs Stefanie , wiping her hand across her for head . 





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