The Shades

This is a tragic tale of one very important girl's life. She has been watched and hunted by 'him', a power hungry demon who you know as the Devil. He wants her power, but if he gets it the world will be in mortal danger. But will he succeed? or will good prevail?


5. The Supernatural World

A month later and she was in what Drew called a ‘safe house’. She hadn’t heard the voices since they had arrived, or ‘shades’ as Drew called them. He had said that they were the slaves of him and were very evil. He had tried to explain all that he knew to her, to try and answer the questions she had been frequently asked. He told her that she was very powerful, and that her parents were killed by him, otherwise known as the devil. He wanted her power; with it he could destroy anything, including the bridge that links earth with paradise, or heaven. Drew had explained that he had left his Shades to watch her, and try to tempt her into doing something that would taint her soul. If her soul was tainted then he could take her into the otherworld, otherwise known as the Underworld or Hell. If he ever got her there, with a tainted soul, he would be able to take her soul and use her powers. It was hard for her to accept this information, mainly because it sounded so far-fetched, something she would read about in a book or watch in a film. Never would she have thought that any of this existed: Angels, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves and the leader of evil, the devil. Drew had mentioned that he didn’t know how many different types of supernatural beings existed, but that all of the supernaturals had to choose a side, good or evil. This choice could be changed but this was very rare and the decision was often influenced by family and friends.

With the help of Drew, whom she still hadn’t completely forgiven for keeping his identity hidden from her, she managed to fully comprehend the intensely complicated world of the supernaturals. And she managed to piece together the part that she played in this world, and the part she would have to play in order to save it. The power that she had been given was the reason her parents were dead. This was the same realisation that she kept dragging herself back to. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that, it was her fault and all she felt was numbness. Drew had told her that she was a cross between an angel and a goddess. From what she could gather this had never happened before, she was the first. Her father was Poseidon, the god of the sea and he had fallen in love with Alvah, the fallen angel of Evil and Injustice. They were so much in love they gave up their powers in order to be together, making them mortal. This was the reason they were able to be murdered. I had inherited great power from both of them, my mother was one of the only supernaturals in existence to change sides and become good. And they both paid for their love with their lives.

Drew said that he was her protector, an angel who was meant to guide and protect her throughout her life. He had to make sure that her soul stayed pure, untainted in order to protect her and the world from him. They both knew that if he managed to get her power the veil between heaven and the earth would be broken, and the world would be filled with lost souls who won’t be able to get to paradise. He wants those souls in the underworld and without the link between paradise and earth; the inhabitants of the whole planet would be at the mercy of him and his army of lost souls. They would be his slaves and the higher beings would be powerless to help them. She could not let this happen.

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