The Shades

This is a tragic tale of one very important girl's life. She has been watched and hunted by 'him', a power hungry demon who you know as the Devil. He wants her power, but if he gets it the world will be in mortal danger. But will he succeed? or will good prevail?


2. The Beginning

Let’s start at the beginning, when she found out about her gift. She was seven years of age, a young girl, someone who should be protected from sinister things and the unseen dangers  that lurk in the shadows. She was asleep when it happened, he came, he killed her parents while they slept and crept into her room to take her. By this point it was nearly three in the morning, and she had woken up, as she often did at this time, and found him staring at her with intense hatred in his eyes. She just stared back at him with her golden brown eyes, not able to comprehend the danger she was in. She was glowing slightly, a soft white light that emanated from her heart. He took a hesitant step forward, his arm outstretched, but when his hand entered the vicinity of the now brighter light that surrounded her, his hand began to blister and burn. He couldn’t touch her, she was too pure and innocent, untainted.  He couldn’t therefore take her, he could only set his shades to watch her and wait for her to make a mistake that taints her soul; enabling her to be captured.

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