The Shades

This is a tragic tale of one very important girl's life. She has been watched and hunted by 'him', a power hungry demon who you know as the Devil. He wants her power, but if he gets it the world will be in mortal danger. But will he succeed? or will good prevail?


4. Sixteen at last

The next important date was her sixteenth birthday. She woke up as she did every day, picking up her only picture of her parents and kissing it. She missed them so much, and on birthdays it hurt the most. She could remember in vivid detail her sixth birthday, they had gone out for a meal at her favourite place; Damons restaurant. She had received some Sylvainian families and a Sylvainian mansion. She was so happy she cried. It was a sharp contrast to the birthdays she had since, waking up in a dingy bedroom, in a house full of attention seeking kids. Most of the things she had owned had been sold or broken over the course of her tragic life. Now, all she got for her birthday was bathroom privileges and maybe a cake. There was also the gifts that were sent to her from an unknown person; books mostly and some money. This however, only made her situation worse at the foster home, because these kids didn’t have anyone, even an anonymous benefactor to send them gifts or money. This made the kids jealous and made it even more difficult to fit in.

She had always been an outcast, someone who was unable to fit in or make friends. But she had grown used to it, she no longer cared. She had also always been different, she could hear whispers that came from the shadows, and they tried to make her do sinister things. They talked to her, mostly at night or when it was dark. She wasn’t stupid; she knew not to mention these voices to the psychiatrists. They would send her away; they would think she was crazy. She couldn’t let that happen. She had to learn to try and block them out, she could sometimes see them, when they were reflected in the mirrors, they looked like men. They taunted her and were everywhere that she turned. She couldn’t escape; it was especially bad at night. They were whispering sinister things in her ears and were chattering to her that very moment as she lay on a stone bench that was in her small prison like room.

“They’re not real” she muttered, trying to calm down her racing heart.

At that moment she saw a hand sliver out from the shadows, reaching. This had never happened before. She was terrified.

“It’s not real. They’re not real. Get a grip. They’ll send you away.”

Just as the hand got within 10inches of her it snapped back towards the shadows in the corner, hissing as if in pain. Then she noticed that her skin was glowing brightly. She screamed. What was happening to her? The door flew open, and Drew walked in -A person who was also in the foster home, he had been kind to her. He was her only friend- He glanced around the room, a worried look on his face.

“What happened?” it was then that his eyes fell on her, she was still glowing brightly. He gasped and quickly shut the door.

“The shade, it tried to grab you didn’t it?” his tone was calm and serious.

Her eyes widened a questioning look on her face. She couldn’t speak. And it was clear to her that he knew a lot more about this glowing then she did.

Seeing that she didn’t know what a shade was he clarified

“I mean the Shadows, they shouldn’t be able to form a coherent shape, they shouldn’t be powerful enough! This is bad.” He was now mumbling to himself, clearly concerned.

“Drew, what are you talking about? Do you know what is happening to me? How do you know about the shadows?  I’ve never told you about them!” She was starting to panic. What was going on?

“I can’t answer all of your questions, especially not here. It’s no longer safe. Follow me” his tone softened “I know this is hard but you have to trust me, please.” He extended his hand to her, a pleading look in his eyes.

She took it reluctantly. Her expression hardened to one of quiet resolve. She was going to get answers.

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