The Shades

This is a tragic tale of one very important girl's life. She has been watched and hunted by 'him', a power hungry demon who you know as the Devil. He wants her power, but if he gets it the world will be in mortal danger. But will he succeed? or will good prevail?


1. Introduction

She tries to hide but they still find her. Watching, waiting and sniggering. Antagonising her and willing her to make a mistake so that they can incarcerate her. As soon as she makes that mistake, they will capture her and they will take her to the otherside. If they do manage to capture her, her soul will be taken and she will be used against us. She has the power to destroy everything and she has been paying for possessing this power her whole life. They are vultures, shades that work for him, and he always wants what he can’t have. He is a power hungry demon who is used to getting his own way. He has many names, but you will know him better as the Devil. I am not a part of this story, merely the narrator of this tragic tale. If you are reading this then it is up to you to continue spreading the tale of this heroic girl’s journey, so that all she did will not be swallowed up in the void of time.

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