Will you marry me, Conor Maynard?

This story is about a teenage girl, Sierra, meeting a very talented singer Conor Maynard, and falling in love with him. Sierra is just a laid-back, normal teenager who goes to Secondary school in Newcastle. She is an excellent singer but she is very shy. She's never been the luckiest when she steps onto a stage. Who knew that the most talented singer could change a girls stage fright and a her relationship status, as well?


3. You are the lucky student

"Be quiet everyone, or I will make sure none of yous get to be with Conor today, and I will go on stage with him tonihgt instead of any of yous." And, like somebody had just pressed the mute button on the television, the hall went silent. Conor whispered something into the headmisstresses ear, and the headmisstress nodded in reply. She walked back to her chair and sat in it. As she did so, Conor took the microphone out of its holder and started talking into it, "Like Miss just explained, only one person can be the lucky one. And I would like to be the one who tells everyone who it is." I slouch into my chair, I am not that lucky it will never be, so I won't even bother getting hopeful. "She has lovely brown hair, and lovely brown eyes. She's about 5 foot and 5 inches, maybe a bit smaller. She's very skinny, and I have already spoken to her today. She's the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She's sitting by herself at the minute, slouched into her chair thinking I am not talking about her, but infact I am. Sierra Black, come up here. Because you are spending the full day with me!" WHAT?! Did Conor Maynard really just say my name? And said I was beautiful? Oh my gawd. Everyone turned to look at me, and I could feel myself going redder than a tomato. When I didn't stand up, Conor jumped off the stage and came over to me, holding out his hand. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me out of my seat and pulled me up the stairs and onto the stage. Oh my gawd. Conor is holding my hand. CONOR MAYNARD IS HOLDING MY HAND. "Isn't she beautiful?" Conor said into the microphone, hugging me. Everyone laughed, then the bell chimed for the end of assembly.

As everyone walked out, I got things threw at me. Bottles of water, food, pens, pencils, textbooks! Oh how I loved my schoolmates, they are so nice and friendly. Conor didn't notice this all happening, because he was talking to the headmisstress. When everybody was out of the hall, Conor and the headmisstress came over to talk to me.

"Right, Sierra. You aren't going to any of your lessons today." Said the headmisstress.

"Okay, Miss." I replied, with a smile.

"You're spending the full day with me, in the singing room, on the top floor of the school." Conor explained with the biggest smile I have ever seen. Aw, how cute he was happy to be spending the full day with me!

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