Will you marry me, Conor Maynard?

This story is about a teenage girl, Sierra, meeting a very talented singer Conor Maynard, and falling in love with him. Sierra is just a laid-back, normal teenager who goes to Secondary school in Newcastle. She is an excellent singer but she is very shy. She's never been the luckiest when she steps onto a stage. Who knew that the most talented singer could change a girls stage fright and a her relationship status, as well?


1. OMG! He's here?

It was just a normal day in Newcastle. Raining. I was depressed as it was, I didn't need it to be raining as well. It was Conor Maynard's Concert at the O2 Academy tonight and I couldn't go because it was sold out when I tried to get tickets for me and my friends. So I was gloomy all morning. I got dressed, my black skinny school trousers, white shirt, black v-neck jumper, purple and black tie, black blazer and black school shoes. Oh, I hated my school uniform it was so boring. I packed my bag for school. Pencil case, History textbook and homework, Science textbook and homework, Mathematics textbook and homework, lunch, song book and my PE kit (Black and purple shorts with a black and purple polo shirt, with black trainers but with purple soles). I put my iPod touch (generation 4) in the front pocket of my bag and my mobile phone. Got my purse out of the drawer in my bedroom and got out my bus fare money, picked up my keys and walked down the stairs. Mum and Dad were at work early this morning, as was my older brother, Justin, so there was no arguing this morning. I opened my front door, and to my surprise the raining had stopped and just left a little puddle next to my front door. I walked out the front door and locked the door behind me.


There was not a single person at the bus stop apart from me. It was the quietest my street had ever been. Normally there is screaming children running around, then parents telling their children off for running onto the road. But there was nothing like that today. Nobody from my school was around, either. Checked my watch. 8:13. I wasn't early to get up. Got my iPhone out of the front pocket of my backpack and checked to make sure my school was open today. It was. I was confused. Then my bus pulled up. I give Robert, the bus driver, my bus fare money and noticed there was nobody on the bus today. "Robert, where is everybody today?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders. I took my seat as the bus started to move. I put my iPhone away.


As the bus was getting closer and closer to my school, I could hear teenage girls screaming as loud as they could. Has somebody died on their way to school? Has someone been murdered at school? Or, the least likely one, has Conor Maynard suddenly turned up at school? The bus stopped at the bus stop right outside my school. I got off and saw a lot of screaming girls trying to get through the school gates, with a lot of camera men trying to barge through the crowd. I walked to the reception where only the students could get onto the school property by showing their school I.D. I got it out of my bag and showed the receptionist. I walked into the school and there he was. Conor Maynard was standing in front of me. Right in front of me. And I didn't have my phone in my hand for photographic evidence. OMG!

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