Will you marry me, Conor Maynard?

This story is about a teenage girl, Sierra, meeting a very talented singer Conor Maynard, and falling in love with him. Sierra is just a laid-back, normal teenager who goes to Secondary school in Newcastle. She is an excellent singer but she is very shy. She's never been the luckiest when she steps onto a stage. Who knew that the most talented singer could change a girls stage fright and a her relationship status, as well?


2. Act cool, Sierra. Act cool.

I walked straight past Conor. I know celebrities must hate getting screaming girls coming up to them constantly. So I was doing Conor a favour and not being like all them other girls. Conor noticed I hadn't came up to him, and he came up to me instead. "Hello, I am Conor Maynard." OMG! He is talking to me! Me! Sierra Black! The girl who gets told she's an amazing singer and yet can't even step on to a stage without fainting. OMG! "I know who you are! Everybody does." I said. I started walking to the assembly hall. Conor followed me. I was about to open the door to the next corridor when Conor put his hand in front of the door and stopped me. "But, I don't know who you are." He pointed out. I smiled at him and said, "I'm Sierra Black." And pushed his hand out of the way. He carried on following me to the assembly hall. He steps in front of me. "Well, Sierra. I need to ask you a serious question and I'm only asking you it, because you seem like the kind of person who would tell the truth; Am I good at being a singer?" I giggled and nodded. Then he walked off. Just like that.


I finally got to the assembly hall, the headmistress was standing on the stage and so was Conor Maynard. How did he get up there? He was just with me five minutes ago and he walked the other way. I took my seat at the front of the hall. It was very loud in the hall. Conor noticed me and waved at me. I waved back and smiled. Then the bell went and all the chattering stopped and everyone took their seats. The headmistress stood up off her chair and tapped the microphone at the front of the stage to check that it was on. It was. "I have a few announcements today. Number one is, as you all see, Conor Maynard is with us for the day. I don't want the young singer to be scared off by all you crazy fans in here. Conor is here just to be a normal teenager for just one last day. As you all know, he is having a concert tonight, I hope a couple of you were as lucky as me who was able to get some tickets for tonight. Announcement number two is, singing is on today lunchtime in the music room. It is also on after school until 4:30. And announement number three is, one of you lucky students have the chance to spend the whole day with Conor Maynard, then go to his concert, where you will be backstage, and then be brought onto the actual stage!" With that, every girl in the assembly hall started chattering, and screaming. Apart from me. My friends didn't go to this school. So I was pretty much like a loner. Nobody to talk to. Get excited about things with. Just got to sit back and watch everyone else be like that.

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