My Journal

This is word for word, what I've written in my journal. I decided to publish it, to get some things in the open...


14. 2nd April

We humans are slowly killing this planet, and for what? Whatever we have, we just complain it's not good enough. Here in Britain, we have no idea how lucky we are. It's only when we look at places like Africa we realise how some will suffer. For the most basic of things, like water. They will travel miles to get a bucket o water. That is infested with germs, viruses and diseases. And the sad truth is that they know this, but even so. They will travel that far, because it's either that or die sooner. They'll cope through the pain, so they an live on this Earth for a little longer. And for us, we can turn a tap and have clean water. We need to look after our race. We don't need the newest iPod or the trendy new trainers. Like I say all the time: Wants are different from needs.

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