Julia and Juliet

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  • Published: 24 Apr 2012
  • Updated: 25 Apr 2012
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We write the year 1885 in London, England. Here we follow the 17 year old girl Elizabeth Perry who lives with her strict mother, a father who is rarely home. While her older sister is already married to the rich Thomas Pitt and her younger sister has found interest in Charles Smith, a perfect match since he's a real gentleman and the Smiths and Perrys have been friend a long time, Elizabeths interest lies somewhere else. Because, while her mother tries to pair him with a number of gentlemen, she is in love with one of her good friends, Charles' older sister, the 18 year old Katherine. But does Katherine love Elizabeth like Elizabeth loves Katherine? And how can their love survive in such a strict community?
Thanks to Maria † Cuenca for the wonderful cover!


7. 26. April

26. April 1885

Dear Diary,

It is about an hour after midnight. I am in my room. I have got no time. They found out, found us, in the Park. Agnes and Charles where having a stroll in midnight, as they decided to take a look in the bushes. We ran home, but Charles will be here in 5 minutes, maximum! So we decided to do it. Katherine and me. Me and Katherine.

Dear Diary,

this is the end of my story. I realy should end now, before I loose courage. The only thing keeping me going on, is the believe in that we  are going to life together. Die together.

I will miss Agnes. I do not think I will miss mother or father.

It is too early to die, but if it that what it takes.

Dear Diary,

you have been my best friend these days. My room is a mess, I have dressed in the most beautiful dress I could find. It is also sky blue. Drapings, and pearls. I have never worn it. It is the perfect dress, to die in.

I just finished setting my pearl earrings in, and my diamond necklace. I am ready.

Goodbye, Elizabeth

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