The Career Tribute from district one- The Hunger games fan fiction

This is before Katniss Everdeen. This is the 11th Hunger Games in panems history. Minota has trained all her life for this moment. Let the 11th annual Hunger games begin. And may the odds be as ever in your favor.


1. This is it.

My black tank-top is tight, really showing off my muscles. I look like a survivor, hard and best of all realy good. My blond hair is tied up in a short ponytail that falls along my back between my shoulderblades. Looking in the mirror I fell sure this is it. Another win for District one. I imagine the other district tributes faces when they find out their opponent will be me! Shock, horror and fear. "Time to go!" I hear my impatient mum shouting from outside my bedroom door. "Coming!" I shout back, irritated by her impatince. I look myself over in the mirror and decide I look good once again, before I walk stiffly out the door, past my mum and keep walking till I get to the town square of district one.

    I get sorted in to my year and waiting for Rosie Poffin to enter the stage. The anthem plays and a lady with purple skin and big green hair enters the stage. Everybody's clapping and cheering. Either knowing that their child is safe or their child is ready for battle. Rosie starts her little speech  "Get to it for gods sake!" I think to my self. And she does, "Well, Ladies first! She shrills loudly. She knows she's lucky to have this district. The district with most victors. She has tried it before, she dips her purple emerald decorated hand elegantly into the bowl. "Diema Heatherfall!" She says loudly. A girl steps out of line, first looking shaken and confused. But then relaxes and begins walking to stage. She knows someone will volunteer. I take a deep breath. Keep calm. Stay focused. This is it, I cough a little to make sure my voice is with me, step out of line and say clearly:


"I volunteer as tribute. I volunteer as female tribute from district one for the 11th annual hunger games!"

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