The Career Tribute from district one- The Hunger games fan fiction

This is before Katniss Everdeen. This is the 11th Hunger Games in panems history. Minota has trained all her life for this moment. Let the 11th annual Hunger games begin. And may the odds be as ever in your favor.


2. Sparkling silver

I said goodbye to my family. To my few friends. Hopefully this was not the last time I saw them. Now I'm on the train, on the way to the capitol. My mentor sits peacefully in a chair in the corner. He just stares out the window occasionaly and drinks his coffee. He has nothing to worry about, no training to do. He knows that we are trained. Just as he was when he volunteered. I try a bit of small-talk with them both. But they just end up staring out the window again.

"Come on. Get some proper clothes on you two! We're arriving in 20 minutes!" A high-pitched voice calls behind us. Rosie Poffin. She has to follow us everywhere until we enter the arena. Shoving us trough the array of departments in the train she hurredly tells us the plans and the exact timing of them. In the end i tell her to shut up, so she turns around and vanishes. I find my door and go in. Emil, the male tribute, continues down the "hall." A set of clothes is lying ready for me in the room. A knee-high silver dress, tight all the way down to my hips and a pair of matching high heels.

My hair was set up earlier, so after five minutes I am walking back to the dining cabin. Confident in the heels and feeling great. Not many of the other districts do anything special about their looks, mostly because they can't wear anything without looking awful compared to the capitol clothes. But I have always had food, so i fit the dresses wonderfully. I have also been trained in running with the highest of heels on.

So, what can I say. I'm pretty ready for the moment when i step out onto the platform, looking dazzling with my prettiest smile. Even in that short walk from the train to the carriage I'm shure I've scored loads of sponsors.

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