Reckless Romance

When Sophie is forced into an arranged marriage by her unlawful step father, she seeks her way out of it but the only way is to conceive another mans child.......


1. Arrange Engage (Prologue)

I march down the three flights of stairs from my bedroom because Steppi called me down. Steppi (step-i) is my step father, his real name is Rob but i call him Steppi. 

"SOPHIE!" he yelps from the living room

"what!" I ask irrationality 

"There you are soph" He says with pretend sweetness "I have to tell you something that means your future"

I stare at him blankly, expecting the worse

"Your getting married" he says stiffly

"WHAT!? TO WHO!" I ask with sharp tone

"Micheal Blinky"

Everbody knows who Micheal, he is the most geekist geek you will EVER find.

"NO!!!" i say annoyed

"you have to" Steppi says getting slightly irratated 

"How can get out of it?" I ask


"Well what!?"

"You would have to birth another mans baby"

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