I Guess That's Why It's Called Life

My life about dealing with one of my parents in jail and all the crap that I went through and still go through....


2. The Next Step


I didn't really know what to do or even say after those words came out of her mouth. How could my dad be in jail. I was in some sort of shock and I didn't understand any part of what was going on. My mom had stopped crying and immediately went to find a bond place to get my dad out. She search through the yellow pages all night. sitting on the carpet crying and begging from phone call to phone call for someone to help her. We sat up all night crying and praying. Little did we know that starting tomorrow everything would slowly go in a downward spiral spinning out of  control. 


The next morning we went on our way heading downtown to go pick up my father with the help from some lawyer in jogging shorts. The drive had started off well but the biggest fire in orange county history had decided to show up that day too. Flames on the side of the highways. Thick smoke covering the air and not being able to see the next car in front of you or even to the side. We were terrifies and scared out of our minds. The fire was jumping across the freeways and cars were burning on the side of the road. It was crazy and seemed like it came out of a B.A. movie or something. 

When we finally had got down to the station you could still smell the smoke in the air and we were a city away from the fire. We walked into the station and looked for the ridiculously looking lawyer in the jogging shorts and gave him the money for the bond. 

A couple hours later my dad was released. I felt like a huge burden was taken away.I thought that it was over finally and I was so happy to have him back home with us but my mom had told me to stay away from him and not give him a hug. I was confused, why wouldn't she want me to hug my dad?

I missed him so much and wanted to hug him but I reluctantly obeyed my mom and we walked to the car. I could tell that he was sad. What father wouldn't be and I could tell he wanted to hug us. when my mom said no his face fell even further down. As we were driving back home the fires had gotten worse and now evacuations were being put in to place. While we were driving home roads had become blocked and we decided to go to the gas station to wait. Outside the air was smokey and it was hard to breath. The sky looked like a old grey color making everything look washed out and sad.

By the gas station there was a hill to look over onto the start of the freeway. That place was always bustling with cars but today not one car had passed through. While I was waiting I saw a fire start and for the first time saw it consume everything in its way; grass,plants, and the trees. I was shocked. The one beautiful green grassy area was completely smothered with black and brown patches. Little did I know that would eventually happen to us...


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