Secrets of the Night

This is my entry for the image competition. Please read it and comment on it. :)


3. One In The Prison

The lights would soon be put out. She knew that she would be surrounded by darkness again. Maureen pulled the sheets up to her face. She wanted to fall asleep right then till there was still light outside. She didn’t want to face the dark. She knew they shunned light. She closed her eyes tightly.
"Hey Tanya, are you dead?" a male voice interrupted her thoughts.
Maureen jerked. It was not dark yet. Slowly, she pulled the sheets off her face. The cotton rustled roughly as it made its way across the skin of her face. She gasped as she saw nothing but darkness. She pulled on the sheets in haste till it was way down her neck.
"Oops, you're not. I tend to forget. It is we who are dead."
"And it was because of you, Cherry, do you remember?" It was not the same voice. Maureen jerked. She knew there were more than the two who had just spoken. "Remember the time when you pierced that little dagger of yours through my chest. You know, Cherry, it hurt like hell," the same voice continued, anger surging with each word.
Maureen pulled the sheets across her face, hoping it would make her invisible to those men.
"Come on, Haley. Don’t hide. We came for you. Come on, show us your face." This one spoke in a soft voice like a hunter trying to lure its prey into doing something.
"Leave me alone," Maureen shouted.
"Open up, Valerie. We are not leaving you."
"He is so right, Brittany. We are here to get our money's worth."
Maureen's heart was pounding on her chest. She knew that they were not going to leave her. She knew that it was only the beginning and worse was yet to come.
She wanted someone, someone who could protect her. But she was all alone in the cell except for the men and she knew it. Her previous cell mate had complained and she got shifted to another cell. None of the inmates believed her. Everyone thought she was nuts. She knew she wasn’t. She knew that the men were here for real. It was because not only could she see them, she could also feel them.
"Hey Crystal," said another and slowly, she felt the sheet fall off her face.
It began on her neck and slowly, she could feel a hundred hands all over her skin.
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