Secrets of the Night

This is my entry for the image competition. Please read it and comment on it. :)


2. Another Night


Maureen walked through the neon lights, as she always did. Her face broke in a smile as she approached her wall. Her wall, she thought with pride. It was her favorite spot and it was all hers that day. She knew it was her lucky day, or rather her lucky night.

Maureen leaned on the wall, her grin still undisturbed. She could keep a watch on everyone who passed to the red streets. From one look at a man she could tell if he should be the one for the night. It was a skill she prized. With her lucky spot it would be even easier to look at all the men.

A blue Mustang pulled over and a man in jeans and t-shirt got out. Maureen gazed at his eyes and steeped sideways into the shadows. She burned a cigarette and took a drag.

Ten minutes later, a black Sedan stopped outside the alley. Maureen's eyes were fixed on the automobile. As a man got out of it, her eyes scanned his grey suit and the pair of glasses that stood on his nose. As the man began to stroll along the pavement, Maureen knew that he was her man for the night.

She straightened herself and pulled her top lower, exposing even more of her breasts. Her lips formed a perfect circle as the ring of smoke left her mouth.

"Hey, you free for the night?"

Maureen gazed in his eyes. "250 for the night."

The man gave a curt nod and led her to his car.


Maureen was seated on his bed. The man moved closer to her and began stroking her face. Maureen jerked. She noticed the surprise on the man's face. She smiled at his face.  Not removing her eyes from his, she bent down. Slowly, her hand pulled the zipper of her boot down. She knew that her dagger was concealed from his view. Her fingers wound around the copper handle and gripped it tightly.

She let some air fill into her lungs and in a flash, her arm moved upwards and began closing in on the man's chest. But the next streak of movement caught her by surprise. Her hand was stopped midway in the air and involuntarily, her arm began to twist itself backwards as she took a twirl halfway as her body whirled half a circle.

The man's hand gripped tightly on her wrist; his fingernails pierced through her skin. Maureen's fingers loosened and the dagger fell to the floor. "You are under arrest for the murder of twenty seven men, Ms. Sugar slash Sweet Pea slash Chastity."

Maureen moved her left arm behind herself violently groping for the man's body finding a way for him to loosen his grip. She felt something prick her on the back of her neck. Her head began to feel dizzy. The man's hand slackened. She fell to the ground and darkness engulfed her.

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