Houston, I Think We Got A Problem

this fanfiction started as an entry to a Conor Maynard competition. I won this competition and saw him live. This meant THE whole world to me and i cant get across how grateful i am.
due to demand i'll continue to write more just subscribe and enjoy, Katie:)


1. Chapter 1

- Hi i'm Katie, this is my Fan Fiction and i just wanted to take a second to say how much this would mean to me if i won. Conor Maynard is a big part of my life. I was DEVASTATED when i found out i couldn't go to any one of his dates. 

This competition is my only chance of seeing him perform. It'd mean the world if you clicked like, the whole world. It only takes a second and it'd give me the chance of seeing my idol.

thank you for reading and enjoy my Conor Maynard fan fiction. 



The strange smell of airline fuel and aeroplane food was not something I enjoyed. I stared out the window at the sun setting on Orlando, Florida. I'd been dumped on the plane to go live in Bristol with my new step-mum, her son and my dad.  My hands gripped onto the arm rest my knuckles going white as the plane lurched into the air. An hour into the journey I fell asleep. I dreamt of nothing all journey then finally woke up an hour before landing.  Landing was the worst part of the whole journey. My ears filled up with air and I felt physically sick, as soon as it was over and I grabbed my phone and my bag and stormed off into the airport. I was too jet-lagged to process anything anyone was saying to me so I just handed my passport and details over and stumbled out. I'd only ever met my dad a couple of years ago and apparently he'd changed a lot since then. There was a massive crowd of people smiling and waving at everyone getting off the flight, I felt uneasy and shifted nervously waiting for them to come and find me instead of me finding them. A woman with shoulder length red curls walked over to me grinning. I didn't smile back. 'You must be Katie!' She had a strong accent. 'Yep' I replied chewing on my lip. 'Hi I'm Sue, I'm your step-mum. Welcome to the family!' She pulled me into a perfumed hug and I rolled my eyes behind her back. She pulled my hand over to what I thought was my dad and a teenage boy. Dad shoved the boy and he looked up and smiled, I returned the smile and looked at my phone. 'Kates, this is Anth. He's your step-brother' I look up irritablely 'cool' I replied before looking around. 'Come on pumpkin were going home' I cringed at the pet name and follow them into the car park, Sue pulling my cases behind her. Anth fell into step with me. 'You alright?' He says looking at me strangely. 'Never better' I reply sighing. 'How old are you?' He asks attempting to make conversation. 'I’m 15, you?' '16' he replies pulling his phone out. We reach a large red BMW and my eyes widen slightly, I didn't actually know Dad had done this well. 'Mum is it okay if Conor comes round when we get home?' Anth asks. 'No problem' she replies before returning to talking to dad. 'Who's Conor?' I mouth  'My best friend'  'Ahh' I look out the window taking in my new 'life' if you can even call it that. ------------------------- We pulled up at a massive cream house. When I say massive I mean it. I swear he'd been keeping his rich double life a secret. I stepped out of the car looking around. Anth stood beside me laughing at me. 'C'mon I'll show you your room' I followed him up the stairs. There were 5 large rooms snaking off the hallway from the stairs. The last one to the right was mine. I stepped inside and my eyes widened. It was massive. On the left was a totally empty wall for posters and photos, the other had a massive window stretching practically from one side of the room to the other and the other two had my bed and wardrobe.  Sue arrived at my door leaving my luggage and smiled. I quickly unpacked and changed from my scruffy air plane clothes into something nicer. I picked peace leggings, red vans, a denim shirt and a red bandana for my hair. Quickly shoving my hair into a bobble I got dressed and headed downstairs. Dad, Sue, Anth and another boy were sat talking around the island in the kitchen. They all looked up at me when I walked in, I smiled awkwardly. 'Katie this is Conor' Anth introduced us both and I looked at him. He looked about 17/18 with brown hair denim jacket and a snapback hat. He smiled at me and I looked away blushing.  I sat down next to Anth and joined in with their conversation. That night Conor stayed for tea and we all ate round the table. I got to know him more and found out he sang with Anth and he'd been a family friend for a while. He'd wanted to go into acting but opted for singing a couple years back. After tea the two boys and I went into the living room to play Fifa. I'd always played it at home so I was sure I could thrash both of them. Of course I won 7-3 and proved that girls were able to play fifa. As a victory I took Conor's hat off him placing it on my head and ran round the room pretending to be him. He chased me round until he caught me, pulling me to him and tickling me till I surrendered. We lay in a heap on the floor with Anth shaking his head at us. He helped me up and I hugged him smiling.  'Are you guys thirsty?' Anth said picking up the empty glasses. 'Nah mate I should be going' Conor said sorting his hair out before putting his hat back on. I looked up at him and mouthed 'stay' but he shook his head and hugged me. 'I'll see you tomorrow' he winked and left the house. 'Woah he digs you Kate' Anth said. 'No' I said throwing a pillow at him and going upstairs for bed. I quickly got changed and jumped into bed, I was really tired so I instantly fell asleep. I'm not afraid to say I dreamed of Conor, but I wouldn't dream of telling Anth. I woke up and shuffled downstairs in my pyjamas. I ate and sat in front of the TV for most of the morning. at about 10am I went upstairs and had a shower. I quickly got changed and went to go for a walk. I headed into the kitchen for an apple and the doorbell went. 'I'll get it!' I shouted in between mouthfuls of apple. I opened the door to see Conor stood there. 'Anth isn't home sorry' I said wiping my mouth. 'I'm not here to see Anth' he smiled as he said it. 'Oh' I said 'come in?' He followed me through to the living room. It was sort of awkward without Anth butting in. 'Dya wanna go for a walk Kate?' He said breaking the silence 'If you like' I said, I could feel my cheeks turning red so I hid my face with my hair. 'I'll just finish getting ready help yourself to food and drinks and the TV’s all yours' I handed him the controller and casually walked out of sight before sprinting up the stairs. I changed into printed Aztec leggings and a plain black sleeveless top. I had concert wristbands up my arms and tie-dye converse. I sprayed my collar bones with perfume and headed downstairs. He looked up as I walked in and winked at me, I rolled my eyes and went to get my key.  'I'm going out Dad see you later' I shouted into the lounge and walked out into the front porch as Conor stood with my half eaten apple in his hand.

‘Conor, that’s gross’

He winked at me again and took a bite. I rolled my eyes and pulled his hand out the door shutting the door behind me.

We walked down the road chatting about anything to be honest we got on well and surprisingly we held hands the whole way.

I felt the rain before he did with his hat on, big droplets of rain whacking off the top of our heads. I bit my lip awkwardly I didn’t have a jacket or a hat. Conor looked down at me when he eventually realised it was raining.

‘Where’s your jacket silly!’ he said laughing. I shrugged my shoulders and looked at my feet. He pulled of his jacket and wrapped it round my shoulders, smiling. He wrapped an arm round my waist and we began walking home.

It wasn’t late when we got back but I was quiet all the same I turned the key in the lock quietly and stepped inside Conor’s hand still holding mine. He covered his mouth with his hand to stop himself laughing. We tiptoes into the kitchen and breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Where’ve you two been?’ Anth said behind us we both jumped apart from each other.

‘We…Um went for a walk’ Conor said quietly.

‘Okay man, I’ll see you later’ Anth walked out the room and up the stairs.

Conor turned to me and grinned. ‘That was close’

I grinned back and he wrapped me up in a tight hug.

‘Love you Kates’

‘Love you too con’

I showed him to the door slowly saving the last couple of minutes I had with him.

‘I’ll call you’ he said.

‘Good, see you later Maynard’ I turned around to close the door and he jammed it with his foot. Then pulled my hand closer to him and kissed me.

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