Kidnapped my heart

Dear mum and dad,

I love you guys and you know it. But I can’t stay here. I don’t feel like I belong here.

I’m your daughter sure, but you’re always working or out with friends. I’m left alone practically all the time. So I packed my stuff and I’m gone.

Don’t look for me, because I don’t want you too.

Just know I love you and I always will.

I’ll come home when I want to, but for now. For now I’m looking for something. Something inside me. And I need to do it alone.

Love you always,


writing that letter to her mum and dad, pheobe didnt know once she walked out of her empty house; she would be kidnapped..

"the doors unlocked, im letting you go" he growled.

"what? why?!" i was shocked.

"i-i cant hurt you anymore. leave" he ordered.

"i-i kidnapped me..and my heart" i whispered.


2. Justin likes early mornings..


Justin gripped the end of Phoebes bed covers; with a smirk on his face he yanked the covers of the bed and through them on the floor. Phoebe awoke from her sleep with a gasp. Grabbing her legs and pulling them into her chest. Waking herself up as much as she could she buried her head into the one pillow Justin gave her and moaned.

“Wakey wakey baby” Justin chuckled.

She never answered him, only buried her face into the pillow even more and tried to get back to sleep. Her eyes soon shot open when the bed around her sunk. She removed her face from the pillow and peered over her shoulder to see Justin hovering over her. She gasped a little as she felt his hand on the back of her thigh, slowly making its way up.

“S-stop!” she stuttered as she turned onto her back and shoved Justin’s hand away from her body.

“You don’t tell me what to do, I tell you” Justin’s husky voice whispered.

Phoebe blinked a couple times before grabbing the bottom of her shirt and pulling it down to cover everything. Justin chuckled at her attempt to keep him off of her. But how could he not? She was gorgeous, sexy, and hot. He leaned down, his lips only an inch away from phoebe ear. As she gulped he chuckled.

“Watcha wanna do today shawty” he whispered in her ear.

“i-i wanna go home” she whimpered.

“Now you know that’s not an option” he smirked.

“i-i want to” she mumbled.

“I was thinking, maybe we could have a little fun today” Justin winked.

His finger drawing circles on her thigh as he nibbled on her ear lobe. Phoebe bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut. She may be a captive, but she’s still a girl. A teenage, virgin, girl.

“Sound good baby?” Justin asked.

Phoebe shook her head fiercely and shoved Justin’s hands off her body. She scrambled off the bed and quickly made her way to the corner of the room. Its morning time, so the suns out. But Justin boarded up the windows in the room so no sunlight got in, leaving the room in darkness, even at the brightest time of day.

“What is it with you and corners?” Justin sighed.

Phoebe didn’t answer him; she just buried her head into her knees and cried silently.

“All you do is fucking cry!” Justin yelled.

Here comes the evil side of Justin, phoebe thought. She bit her lip and prayed that she wouldn’t feel any pain today. Sadly her prays weren’t answered when her head was forced out of her knees, when Justin gripped a fist full of her hair and yanked her so she stood up. Phoebe let a single tear out of her eyes before pressing her head into the wall, hoping she would stop Justin from hitting her.

“Damn woman, speak to me!” he shouted.

“i-im scared” she whispered.

“So you should be, whenever I try to get close you to, you act like a complete virgin and push me away!”

Phoebe shook her head, unknown of what to say, tears still streaming down her face as she bit her lip to keep the whimpers deep within her throat. Her cheek turned bright red as Justin’s hand collided with it. Her hand flew up to her cheek as she cried out in pain. It stung badly, almost as much as Justin’s hand stung.

Justin’s lip connected with phoebes outstretched neck as he started kissing and sucking her soft spot, that he had found out about while he kidnapped her. Phoebe’s eyes went wide at Justin’s sudden change in personality. Justin took his hand out of her hair and grabbed his wrists with his hands, putting them around his neck and keeping them there. Phoebe’s eyes slowly closed as Justin’s lips made her mind go wild. She bit her lip, hard, so no unnessicary noises came out to encourage Justin to continue.

With his hands, Justin lifted phoebes legs up and wrapped them around his waist as he continued to kiss her neck and collar bone. Phoebe went along with it and connected her legs behind Justin’s back so she wouldn’t fall, but Justin’s hands placed themselves on her lower back in case she fell anyway. Walking backwards, Justin made his way over to the bed, not breaking his connection between phoebe’s skin and his lips. Once her body came into contact with the mattress on her bed, phoebe regained her strength and realised what was going on. She let her legs falls from Justin’s back and used her hands on his chest to push his lips of ff her.

“Stop” she squeezed.

“Mmm, nope” Justin moaned.

“Justin stop!” her voice getting louder.

Justin groaned and stopped kissing her.  He got off the bed, leaving phoebe lying there feeling the spot on her neck were Justin had just been kissing. Whipping his saliva off of her skin she tried not to gag infront of him.

“You wreck the mood! Gosh your such a fucking virgin, grow some balls and grow up!” Justin yelled before slamming the door.

the sound of the door being slammed made phoebe jump. she scurried to headboard and brought her knee’s to her chest. trying to ignore the amazing feelings she just felt while justin was touching her, she thought about what he said. if she didn’t want to piss him off and be hit, she had to do what he said. she had to change everything about her, the way she acted and her confidence had to raise somehow. phoebe soon drifted back of the sleep dreaming about the new her.

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