Remember me.

When justin is in a serious accident, he looses some of his memory.

His family are by his side to help him figure it out.

A new nurse thinks by reading him a story, he will remember.

will he?


2. Chapter Two.


    "so whats the book about?" justin asked.     "now if i told you that, it wouldnt be worth reading" tori giggled.     "true true, well can i atleast know the characters names?".     "theres a girl called Lauren, and a boy called Jason" she nodded.     "okay, leggo" he smiled.     Tori smiled to herself as she picked up the book that was on her lap and opened the first page. she began reading.     "it was the summer of 2011 and..."       Jason and his Friends were at a fun fair, playing and laughing as they watched the rides wizz past, with screaming people on them.     "aww man, lets go on that" Christian pointed towards a rollercoaster.     "yeah man, lets go!" Chaz screamed.     The three boys began to run from were they were sitting on the bench, to the opening of the rollercoaster. After lining up for about ten minutes, the boys were strapped in and the ride started. a high pitch scream coming from three seats infront of them, jason focused his eyes on the brown haired girl that had just screamed.     "hey isnt that katie?" chaz asked.     Jason let his eyes travel to the blonde girl sitting next to the brown haired girl, and surely enough it was katie. the boys friend from school.     "yeah it is" he smiled.     "who's she with?" christian asked.     "thats Lauren, Katies friend from england, shes here for the summer" chaz explained.     before any of the boys could continue their conversation, the ride took a sharp turn and then a dip, making everyone loose their breath.     "oh my gosh, that was so cool" jason heard the weird yet cute accent.     he shook his head, fixing his hair before trying to find his friend katie. once he spotted her, he grabbed the boys arms and dragged them over.     "hey katie!" jason shouted.     katie turned at the sound of her name and smiled at the three boys who were walking towards her. hearing her friends name being shouted by a male voice, Lauren turned round too. meeting those golden eyes, she blushed and looked down.     while her head was dropped, Jason studied her dress she wore. it hugged her curves and then let loose at the bottom. allowing the wind to swish it in the direction it was going. Once she looked back up, jason studied her face. She had dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, that worked well together.     "oh my bad. Lauren, this is Chaz, Christian and Jason" katie introduced her friend to the three boys.     "hey" chaz smirked.     "sup" christian nodded.     "hi" she smiled shyly to them.     Jason stepped closer to her as Chaz and Christian walked towards katie to start a conversation.     "hey im jason" he smiled.     "i guessed" she rolled her eyes at him.     "wanna go on a ride with me?" he asked.     "no thankyou" her british accent making the turn down sound sweet.     "why not?" jason furrowed his eyebrows.     "because i dont want to" she smiled a little.     Before Jason could say anything, Lauren's arm was tugged a little by another boy and her head turned to look at who was touching her. she smiled once she realised it was Katies brother and walked away with him, not even saying goodbye to Jason.         "wow, Lauren sounds like a right bitch" justin stated.     Tori giggle to herself and looked up from the book, "shush justin, wait until you hear the rest. dont go judging people" she smiled.     "my bad, carry on" he chuckled.     Returning her eyes to the book, Tori began to read again. Justin smiling at himself as he liked the story. the boys in it were so awesome and close, bestfriends.       Lauren and Katie's brother, Derek, sat in the chairs of the ferris wheel as it went up and around. Katie and her brothers friend steven in the set of seats about, three seats under them.     "so, who'd you like LA?" derek asked.     "its nice, its hot though" she smiled.     "katies really happy you were allowed to come" he smiled.     "me too".     Jason's eyes searched the rides around him, hoping to find the brown haired british beauty on one of them. his eyes landing on the ferris wheel, he found her seats. He watched as the ferris wheel went down, making her seat a little bit closer to the ground. He watched her throw her head back with laughter. On instinct, he ran at the ferris wheel, up the ramp and jumped right inbetween Lauren and Derek.     She screamed a little with fright as he smirked at her. Derek shuffled over so Jason wouldnt fall off and die, but sat forward.     "dude seriously?" derek was angry.     "hey Lauren, will you go on a date with me?" Jason asked.     "i told you, no" Lauren repeated herself.     "hey! no more than two in a chair!" the ferris wheel driver shouted.     "sorry george!" Jason shouted.     He stood up in the chair, making it shake a little and scare Lauren. he jumped forward and grabbed the metal bar, turning around and dangling from it.     "Jason get down! your gonna kill youself" Lauren warned.     "now, im gonna ask you again, will you go on a date with me?" he smirked.     "you think because you asked me more than once im gonna say yes?" Lauren asked, "my answers still no".     "then you leave me no choice" jason smirked.     Letting his left hand drop from the pole and sway at his side, Jason was now hanging on with one hand. The ferris wheel stopped and George began shouting stuff to jason, telling him to get down. Katie screamed.     "jason get down, your gonna kill youself! this isnt funny!" she shouted.     "jason listen to her, get down!" Lauren said.     "Lauren just go on a date with him!" katie shouted.     "okay fine, ill go on a date with you, just please get down" Lauren agreed.     "no i dont want you to think this is a favour" jason said, loosening his hand a little.     "no no! its not a favour, i want to" Lauren shouted.     "then say it" jason smirked.     "i want to go on a date with you" Lauren shouted at the top of her voice.     Smirking at his achievement, jason reattached his hand to the bar and shuffled to the side.         "that dude is desperate" justin chuckled.     "or maybe he was inlove with her" Tori suggested.     "but he doesnt know her" justin looked confused.     "have you ever heard of love at first sight?" Tori asked.     Justin nodded his head, but he didnt really think that could happen, it only happened in movies, or books.     "well, i better let you sleep" Tori stood up.     "what about the story?" justin pouted.     "ill carry on reading tomorrow" she smiled, "goodnight Justin".     "Night Tori" he smiled as he settled into his bed.     Tori watched from the doorway, as Justins eyes closed slowing and his chest began to rise then fall. she smiled to herself. He'll get better, she thought to herself as she closed the door.
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