Remember me.

When justin is in a serious accident, he looses some of his memory.

His family are by his side to help him figure it out.

A new nurse thinks by reading him a story, he will remember.

will he?


1. Chapter One.


his body lay weak in the hospital, even though the smile on his face hid the pain. His mum sitting on one side of the bed, holding his hand and constantly reminding him who she was.  

"justin, honey, remember me?" she asked.  

his eyes flickered away from the tv and towards her. his golden orbs trailed her face features and her clothes, before meeting her pleading eyes once more.

 "mum" he smiled.  

her face read relief as she leaned up from her chair and pressed her lips to his forehead. a small tear escaping her left eye at the thought of her son gettting better. He smiled warmly at her as she took her seat again.  

Justin had been in the hospital for over three weeks now, after suffering memory loss in a car accident. He remembered the basic things of life, like were babies come from and how to cross the road. But he was having a lot of trouble remembering the people in the past. Ever since then his mum, Pattie, and Dad, Jeremy, have been at the hospital trying to help him remember things. For the first week, pattie refused to go home and begged the Nurses and Doctors to let her stay over night. After they agreed, she spend the night times, telling justin stories about what he did when he was a child, hoping he remembered. sometimes he did, others he thought he'd seen on the tv.  

Due to his lact of memory lost, Justin was put in a room for himself. that and the fact that every girl paitent in the place wanted to make him think she was his girlfriend, due to his career. Once the door to his room was opened, his head snapped towards it. His eyes squinting as he stared at the person who had opened the door. Once he recognised who it was, he gave a small smile before turning back to watching the tv.

 "justin, dude how are you?" the person asked.  

justin mearly nodded his head, his eyes not leaving the colourful picture that was placed on the tv. still feeling the persons eyes on the side of his face, Justin turned and smiled.  

"im doing good, you?" he returned the question.

"im good man," the boy smiled, "do you remember me?".  

once again, justins eyes set to work, scanning each feature of the boys face, his clothes, his hair, the colour of his nails. biting the side of his lip, justin shook his head a little. embarrested that he couldnt remember the person infront of him.  

"aww dude dont feel bad, you will soon" the boy smiled as he took a place next to justins bed.   Justin and the boy knuckle touched, and then both turned their eyes to the tv. Pattie giggled a little to herself, the boys were so a like. she smiled to herself as she reached into her purse and pulled out her phone.  

"they had no expres-" the door opened once again and Justins dad walked in, "oh hey ryan" he smiled at the boy.

Justins face lit up at the sound of that name. Turning to face the boy sat beside his bed and throwing his arms around his shoulders.  

"ryan. buddie. its you" he whispered.  

"yeah justin, its me" ryan smiled.  

Ryan and Justin had grew up together. at the age of 4, they met in kindergarden and began their friendship journey, by causing trouble in the sandpit. The older they got, the more like brothers they grew. at one point, they both shared the same hair style. Ryan was there when Justin recieved his first ever call from his manager, Scooter Braun, and he vowed to be there when Justin remembered his past completely.  

"im sorry i forgot you. bro, i love you" justin spoke.  

"i love you too bro" ryan knuckle touched him.  

Retrieving another chair from the table, which was set in the corner of the room for the visitors to eat on, and putting it beside the bed. Jeremy streched over and handed a hot cup of coffee to pattie. Justin understood his parents loved him and eachother, but they were no longer together.  

"so, any nice nurses here?" ryan winked at justin.  

to which he chuckled and rolled his eyes. his memories of growing up with Ryan flooding his brain, he remembered everything about him. "nahh man, i dont look".  

Ryan rolled his eyes at Justins answer, knowing full well he stares at the girls, but being a gentleman infront of his mum, he lied.  

"mr bieber" a voice came from the doorway.  

there stood, slightly leaning on the dark oak doorframe, was nurse stephanie. She had been with Justin since he came into the hospital, and was one of the nurses who didnt try and trick him into thinking their daughters were his girlfriend, he trusted her.  

"steph" justin smiled.  

"how are you doing today?" she asked as she walked into the room.  

"doing good, i think i got the whole memory back of this knuckle head" he chuckled as he ruffled Ryan hair.  

Ryan sighed as he fixed his hair and smiled at the nurse. she smiled back before turning her eyes to pattie and jeremy.  

"may i speak to your parents outside for a minute?" she asked.

"sure" justin smiled.  

he didnt really care if she spoke to his parents, he was to busy watching the tv to make full conversation with anyone right now. Little did he know, the tv he was watching, was his favourite tv programme in the world growing up. Justin would run home from school, despite he just had an hour of tiring football practise, just to jump on the tv and watch spongebob.  

While the nurse explained to his parents about the new visiting hours that the hospital had just recently decided on, Justin and Ryan continued to watched the tv like the six year old children they used to be. the room erupted with laughter as the boys looked at eachother and smiled at the what had just happened on the tv.  

"ryan sweety, we have to go now" pattie smiled.  

"we'll see you tomorrow son" jeremy said, kissing his sons head.  

"later dad" Justin smiled.  

"bye mama" he smiled as he whipped the lipgloss of his cheek.  

The two adults left the room, wishing tomorrow their son would remember more and more each hour he was there. the nurse told Ryan he would have to leave within the next half an hour, to which he nodded.  

"dude, want some food before i go?" ryan asked.  

"sure man, the cafe is like two floors down".  

"ill be back in a minute" ryan said as he left the room.  

Without all those people in his room, justin could feel the space around him. the sounds of the tv turned into muffles as Justin lay his head back and took a deep breath, closing his eyes and remembering what he had remembered today.   "oh im sorry i didnt know you were asleep" a small voice came from the left of the room.  

Justins eyes opened slowly as he lifted his head of his pillow and turned to face the voice.  

"no i wasnt-" he stopped talking once he realised he didnt know who was infront of him.  

"okay, well, my names nurse tori, and im new here" she smiled.  

Justin took that moment to really look at her face. The way her brown hair made her blue eyes stick out. the way her smiled brightened up the room that little bit more. He remembered her presence, but he couldnt point out who it was.   

"hey im justin, please come in" he smiled.  

she smiled back as she let the door close, making her way over to the chairs around his bed. Taking the seat his mum had recently sat on, she looked up at Justin and smiled.  

"how are you feeling today?" she asked.  

"a lot better than i did yesterday, i remembered my best bud" his smile huge.  

"thats so good, well done!" she exclaimed.  

"so, how new are you?" he asked.  

"i started this morning, but ive been on the floor below, reading to the little children" she smiled.  

Justin nodded his head as he heard the door open once again and his bestfriend walked in. Ryan looked confused at the girl sitting beside his bestfriends bed, his eyes also trailing her face and body. he shook his head slightly and handed justin the food he had asked for.  

seeing that Justin and his friend were about to eat, tori stood up and excused herself from the room.  

"wait tori!" justin said, "this is ryan"  

"hey, im nurse tori" she smiled.  

"hey, im ryan" he chuckled.  

"tori, you could read to me once ryan leaves?" justin suggested.

"sure" she smiled hugely.  

leaving the room and closing the door behind her, tori leaned on the wall beside the door. taking a deep breath, she opened her eys once again and went to find a book to read to Justin.

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