My day with Conor Maynard..

I'm doing this Fan Fiction to try and win the tickets to the Newcastle concert. Please like and enjoy! Tahlia xD


1. My Day with Conor Maynard..

It was just a normal sunny day in Newcastle, just wondering about, I was going to a Conor Maynard concert later on that night so I decided to come down earlier to enjoy the delights of Newcastle.

"Should we go to the venue? I'm getting bored and It's standing at the concert so we can que to get a good space?" I said.

"Sure lets go, you never know, we might just bump into Conor!" said Sophia.

Oh how I wish we would bump into Conor, Conor is my superstar crush, I adore him so much, he's so talented and everything he does makes me smile. If only...

"Do you wanna go behind the venue to see if Conor comes out?" I said excitedly.

"Oh wow Tahlia, you are great with ideas, I hope he invites us into his dressing room! It would be so so cool to hang with the fittest guy alive" Sophia said.

Theirs security all over the place, but surely Conor likes to see his fans? I had never done this before and I was nervous and scared incase I'd get upset because I wouldn't get to meet Conor - at least I was going to the concert.

"STOP! You can't come in here" said security very very loudly.

"Why? We only wanna see Conor!!!!" I shouted in a angry tone.

The security men ignored us, they walked off to the shop over the road, we though this was our chance. Our chance to see Conor! I've been waiting for this moment for so long. Conor makes me happy, even on rainy days. His voice is adorable, and I finally might actually be able to hear it in real life.

AH DAMN! Their's papparazi all over the place all of a sudden! Conor must be around then!

We ran so quick, I've never ran that fast in my life! Lost of screaming girls where chasing after Conor and we thought we would never beat them, I almost gave up, but I thought to my self 'If these girls can meet him, why can't I?' Me and Sophia ran and ran till we where outside of Conor's dressing room.

We run in and their is Conor just sat facing his mirror on his swining chair. OH MY GOD! He was so cute and adorable, how can someone get so cute?! I was facing my idol, about to speak to him, OH MY GOD.

Conor smiled. "What took you two so long?" WHAT?! Conor knew we where coming? How? He must have been looking on my Twitter or something.. How else would he know?

"Hi Conor, We love you so much, Can we get a picture with you? Can I have your autograph? Wow, can't believe I'm facing my idol!!!" I was way over excited and Conor told me to calm down.

"Calm Tahlia, You have until the show to talk to me, that's about 4 hours" Conor said relaxingly.

Conor told us he had set up all the things like the screaming girls, the security, he wanted to see if we where gonna give up on him, but then, why would we do that? He's so adorable.

We chatted for about 2 hours about music and the future, he has so many plans for the future, he said that whenever we come to a show again we can come to his dressing room and see him again.

He said not to tell anyone because everyone would get jealous, but it's gonna be hard not to tell anyone about this amazing experience, but I can do anything for Conor.

Me and Sophia just sat and stared at him and then he suddenly said, 'What you staring for? Come over here and give me a cuddle!' I fangirled and screamed to the max, he gives the best cuddles in the world. We got a few pictures and autographs with and of him and then he said he had to go put on a show! We told him we would be in the crowd cheering him on and he said thankyou. He gave us both a cuddle and said goodbye. We then went to go get in the que so we could still get a good space in the crowd.. but what happened then? :-)




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