A Lie Story

this is a story about Tanya's life as a call girl, who has to lie to her family. its for the picture competition.


1. chapter 1


       “Hello there gorgeous, want some fun tonight? But of course it will cost you”. This is how a typically night of my life goes. Oh, you might want to know my name. I’m known by different names to different people. Like, some call me ‘beautiful’, others call me ‘whore’ or ‘bitch’ as per the circumstances. But for you, my darling, my name is Tanya.

          I’ve lived in Mumbai for a year now and almost every night is spent with a new man. Some are tall, dark and handsome strangers and some fat and ugly men. All of those guys who needed a fuck for the night. Sometimes I think men are like dogs. Wear a low cut dress, show them a bit of skin and they shall come to you, with their greasy hands and watery mouths.

        Not that I mind, as this is my job. This is what pays the bills for my family. People sell their possessions or their skills. My body is all that belongs to me and all that i have to sell.

        But it would have been nice to be loved. I’m the girl who is wanted and envied by all but loved by none. Cause I’m their dirty secret not true love.

       I live a life behind a one way mirror, where I can see all but no one can see the true me. All they can see and all they want is an illusion

        People look at me as though I’m shit, but what do they know of poverty.

Have they ever had to worry about having a single decent meal?


Have they ever had trouble paying for their sister’s education?


They wouldn’t know what a hell of a life is it to be me. To live a lie in front of my family, who think I’m working at a call centre and not as a call girl.

All they know is to laugh and snigger at me or accuse me of stealing their rich husbands. But I’m going to be the sexy one, the richer woman and I’m not the one breaking my vows.

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