The urge to survive

its a fictional narration of a man walking the Desert


1. the urge to survive

walking in the middle of a dead desert that was radiating heat all around, so much that it can burn even your interiors.  Long stretches of yellow sand till where you can see. sometimes a deception of water but its just evaporated steam.

earth is on fire like in agony reflecting its arrogance back at the sun, and like a speck of life there was I. breathing. Being the odd one here fighting to survive with the conditions that wanted to destroy me from my origins . somewhere in conditions so barren life is a lie and for how long could that survive?

But whatever strength i have i am using it to breathe and exist. Today even if i am burnt and my ashes are mixed in this sand and taken kilometers away with this hot wind  i will not mind because then i will live in the legend. the legend of how i fought with death crossing the forbidden desert. i will be a part of this desert constituting it. and i will be proud that at a point i was competition for nature it had to kill me but not without a war...

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