A death wish

The pain inside of me hurts. I have no reason to life anymore. I did this , im sure of it, theirs no reason for me to stay alive but every reason to die but, i cant do this anymore. It hurts to much, somethime i look over at their pictures and i cant breath, i miss them!


6. 19 th July.

Dear diary,


tell me, how is one ment to live with a massive pain in her chest. I have it here, i just want to run up to my mum and hug her, look into her eyes and most importantly, see her looking back.

Today was crap!! None wants to be around  the poor little girl who lost her parents. Not only have i lost everyone i careabout bu im destend to be  LONER for the rest of my life. How pathetic. Everytime i close my eys i picture my eyes as they used ti be, and get these amazing flashbacks from when i was happy:

im sitting on a green field, surrounded by roses and other whild flowers blooming away in the late Agust afternoon, giggling with my friendsand cusins. Talking about boys,marrage, life

Oh how i miss those times, the page is getting wet with my tears, Oh diary, your the only thing i have left. Today i started to cut my self again, the pain of the cuts take away the pain that was left by my family. The scars are not going away, their are getting more sore day by day, is there any point of me living, i just want to end the suffering.........



xxoxoxoxox :`(

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