A death wish

The pain inside of me hurts. I have no reason to life anymore. I did this , im sure of it, theirs no reason for me to stay alive but every reason to die but, i cant do this anymore. It hurts to much, somethime i look over at their pictures and i cant breath, i miss them!


3. 16th july 2012

xDear Diary ,

something bads gonna happen, i can feel it. I dont know why but i do. Its like i have a 6th sense, its scary. Its like every alarm inside me is going off. I keep on seeying the numbers 20 and 7 everywhere, i dont know whats happening, but, a big but, it might be something to do with my familys death anaversairy. 20th july, and july is the 7th month. But for now its just a theory, as any theory i must check it out




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