A death wish

The pain inside of me hurts. I have no reason to life anymore. I did this , im sure of it, theirs no reason for me to stay alive but every reason to die but, i cant do this anymore. It hurts to much, somethime i look over at their pictures and i cant breath, i miss them!


1. 14th july 2012

Dear diary,

I went their today, i wennt ot visit them. But out of the odd, i epected them to hold me and say "its all gonna be alright." even though its not. Some people dont realise how luck they are to have a family, it dosent strike to them until youve lost everyone youve ever cared about. The pain is terrible, everyday i see children hugging their, unties, uncles, mum dads, nanas grandads, and i cant. its too far away for me to tutch. I miss them. I miss thier hugs. I  miss thier kisses. I miss those crazy evenings we would spend with each other, chatting about how shitty life can be. Those memories bring a smile upone me, but that smile soon fades. I`ll have dreams about them, all of us together again. Just to wake up to pain and dissapointment.




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