Another Year Of Legacy

Taking this opportunity to describe a very special person on his birthday.. Thanks for all that u have been.. you have inspired the best in me..


1. Another Year Of Legacy


When this new seed germinated,

It wasn't in a harvested forest

Still believing this seed to be special,

Having right ingredients of a fruitful plant,


Slowly but surely it carved it’s way,

Hard-work and determination having their say,

Toiling hard day and night,

Ensuring a future like the turkish delight


Withstanding major crisis,

Like a proficient practitioner,

Held a calm demeanor ,

While others developed cold feet


Had the eye of an eagle,

As focused as a seagle,

Marching ahead with strong will-power,

Bowing to the situation not an option


Be it his charismatic personality,

or astute stature,

His powerful persona being the cornerstone,

Guiding everyone to their ultimate throne


An inspiring force to friends and family

Motivating at every step of life,

Having such a powerful expression,

Even waking a person from deep slumber


Showed me the right directions,

Whenever I faced path deflections,

Made me believe in my abilities,

That I have many utilities


The only way I can repay,

Following his footsteps in an ardent way,

Upholding the faith reposed by him,

Working towards it to the brim


Celebrating his half-century,

Absolutely fit and going strong,

Marching ahead on the front foot,

Never laying back by staying put


Leading by example,

Living with dignity,

Working with passion,

Caring with compassion,

He is one of a kind

He is one of the only kind


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