Movellas made Destiny

Its based on life here in MOVELLAS


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Azzovi used to be a yearly subscriber of "The Himalayan Times" and found . It was a dream come true,all these years what he was waiting for was just a click away.Though it was just a start and had a long way to go, he was so so happy like he was never before.

He entered into the crowd as soon he entered his passwords. It was so big and rowdy and couldn't imagined he was in but got lots of question what and where to write? He just stared at the screen till he was satisfied it was not all fake.

Holding the rat gifted by azzola, he scrolled to news feed where he found kindlia, Goldfish, Dr. S.H. curious and Elizabeth Hale. He created a movellas named "Resolution" but when he tried to write there was nothing in his mind. All the words were freezed and gone and there was a question in his mind, if he can be a writer??Can he publish his "WISH"??

He hardly writes some paragraphs and waits long for the comments and almost give up but suddenly....

Elizabeth HaleThis seems really cool! Love it!

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