I am Love Struck

This story is based on my dreams i have relating to vampire diaries.Thanks Kali for giving me support.Your always in my dream.Hope you like it.


5. Un expected call

I was staring at the moon when I got a call.I picked my phone and read the message from Stefan.

Mia meet me in the woodsxxx

I wondered what had happened to call him in the middle of the night.I jumped out of my balcony and walked to the woods. The night's creatures staring at me and the wind ruffling my hair.

"Stefan"I shouted. Someone tapped me I turned around to see Damon.

"What are you doing here"I asked.

"I was the one who texted you"Damon replied.

"Why"I shouted.

"Because I wanted to see you"Damon whispered.

"Well,I must get back"I reply trying to leave Damon hold my wrist.

"I'm not going to let you go"Damon whispers before I see darkness and fall.

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